Po Toi April 2016

Birds seen during the HKBWS outing of 16 April. There were 47 participants. Below is a list of migrants reported by various people:

The highlights were a Fairy Pitta seen by one or two lucky people in the area where one was found two days earlier and a male Olive-backed Sunbird just below the Sisters Cafe.

Grey-faced Buzzard
Chinese Goshawk at least 8
Lesser Cuckoo
Oriental Cuckoo
Blue-tailed Bee-eater 12
Fairy Pitta
Ashy Minivet
Swinhoe's Minivet
Yellow-browed Warbler
Two-barred Warbler
Arctic Warbler
Eyebrowed Thrush
Siberian Blue Robin female
Asian Brown Flycatcher at least 4
Grey-streaked Flycatcher at least 2
Narcissus Flycatcher 2
Mugimaki Flycatcher 3
Blue-and-white Flycatcher 1
Olive-backed Sunbird

Rather few birds seen at sea during the outing:

White-bellied Sea Eagle 3
Cattle Egret 6
Red-necked Phalarope 71
Greater Crested Tern at least 1
Common Tern 1
Bridled Tern probably 2
Whiskered Tern 1 in breeding plumage
White-throated Needletail 3 zoomed past the boat very close


About 12 birders & photographers took the ferry to Po Toi today (19 April). It was pleasantly cool for the time of year but rather windy. No sightings of the Olive-backed Sunbird. Migrants found:

Cattle Egret at least 1
Chinese Pond Heron at least 1
Oriental Pratincole 1
Chinese Goshawk 1
Japanese Sparrowhawk male
Indian Cuckoo 1h
Northern Boobok 1
Pacific Swift at least 4
Fairy Pitta 1
Brown Shrike 1
Black-winged Cuckooshrike 2
Ashy Minivet 3
Swinhoe's Minivet 1
Dusky Warbler at least 1
Pallas's Leaf Warbler 1h
Pale-legged Leaf Warbler-type 1h
Arctic Warbler-type 2
Eyebrowed Thrush at least 1
Asian Brown Flycatcher at least 2
Ferruginous Flycatcher 1
Mugimaki Flycatcher 1
Narcissus Flycatcher male & female
Little Bunting 1
Chestnut Bunting male

From the ferry:

Red-throated Diver (just outside the breakwater of Aberdeen Harbour)
Greater Crested Tern 1
White-bellied Sea Eagle 1 ad