誠邀參與香港鳥類分布調查 Invitation to HK Bird Atlas 2016-19

誠邀參與香港鳥類分布調查 Invitation to HK Bird Atlas 2016-19

*重要日子 Important Date: 19/4 簡介會 Briefing Session

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全港會以格網方式分為一千多個1平方公里的方格調查單位,故需要大量調查員的幫忙。調查月份會受季節所限而日子則可自由選擇。我們希望能在三年內 (2016-2019年) 完成繁殖鳥類分布及冬季鳥類分布地圖,並設立網上資料庫與公眾分享調查成果,您們的參與將十分重要!!!


日期:2016年4月19日 (二)
地點:香港觀鳥會荔枝角辦事處 (九龍荔枝角青山道532號偉基大廈7樓C室)
講者:香港觀鳥會研究經理 余日東先生
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Bird Atlas has long been used as an effective tool worldwide to collect information of numbers, species and breeding status of birds. We could also compare the results of new bird atlas to the previous ones to know the gain and loss of species and maybe the relationship to changes in habitats, as well as identify species and areas of particular conservation concern.

It has been long since the last breeding atlas in 1993-96 and winter atlas in 2001-05 in Hong Kong. We think it would be the time to update them!

Hong Kong is divided into more than a thousand 1km2 grids, which is quite a large number so we need a lot of surveyors. Survey months are limited but dates will be flexible. We target to complete both the breeding and winter atlases in three years’ time, from 2016 to 2019, and set up an open access online database to enhance sharing of results with public. We must need help from all of you to ensure the surveys to be completed!

Will you be interested to join the surveys?

Briefing Session for The Bird Atlas Project
We will introduce bird atlas projects worldwide, the participation method and survey mythology of The Hong Kong Bird Atlas.

Date: 19 April, 2016 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:15 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Venue: HKBWS Lai Chi Kok office (7C, V Ga Building, 532 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon)
Recruitment Target: Enthusiastic about bird watching, have at least 1 year of bird watching experience
Speaker: Mr YU Yat-tung, HKBWS Research Manager
Language: Bilingual
Online Registration:Please fill in the online form
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收到不少鳥友的答覆及查詢,感謝大家的熱烈回響!! 4月19日(二)的簡介會現已滿座!!



We’ve got quite a lot of responses and enquiries. Thank you all for your enthusiasm!! The briefing session on 19 Apr (Tue) is now full!!

See you soon on next Tuesday!!

And don’t worry for those not available for briefing on 19 Apr (Tue), but are interested in participating in the survey or want to know more about the project first. We will be holding another briefing session in late April / early May, and the details will be announced later on BBS and Facebook.


今晚見!! See you all tonight!!