[China] 廣西弄崗 - nonggang, Guangxi

廣西弄崗 - nonggang, Guangxi

弄崗 Nonggang

Nonggang Babbler

Puff throated Bulbul

Steaked Wren Babbler

Buff breasted Babbler

Grey-throated Babbler

Streak-breasted Scimitar-Babbler

Yellow-bellied Warbler

Asian Paradise Flycatcher (white morph)

White-browed Piculet

Long-tailed Broadbill


6月24-26 號同四位友人(Matthew, 元,Hailey及Alfee) 去廣西弄崗睇咗陣雀,收穫甚豐,共60種雀。非常感謝matthew安排此次行程

1.        落馬洲 - 深圳北站 (MTR: 半小時)
2.        深圳北站 - 南寧 (高鐵 – 4 hrs; RMB250)
3.        南寧 - 弄崗 (包車: RMB 700; 3.5 - 4 hrs)

接洽人小鵬會安排包車接送往南寧高鐵站。夏天主要是繁殖點及水坑 (影黃昏前雀鳥沖涼),冬天水坑為主。到達後跟接洽人商量觀鳥日程。接洽人亦會安排鳥點接送 (五人兩日約RMB400) 。

各繁殖點由農民私人持有,為了減少滋擾,觀察位置距鳥巢二至五米,亦有陰網包圍。觀察完畢,直接交入場費予農民。初步看類似可持續生態旅遊模式 (1. 觀鳥者花錢換取省時觀鳥機會。 2. 錢直接交到當地農民手中。 3. 農民收入增加,有推動力保護雀鳥)。以下為各繁殖點每人入場費

Per person, per site in RMB
Long-tailed Broadbill, White-browed Piculet, Yellow-bellied Warbler, Black-naped Monarch, Golden-eyed Babbler, Waterhole        30
Nonggang Babbler, Asian Paradise Flycatcher (white morph)        50

Nonggang Babbler 唔多怕人的弄崗穗鶥除了五月中至六月中繁殖期外,全年可見


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24-26 June 2016

With 4 birders (Matthew, Yuen, Hailey and Alfee). THX for Matthew for arranging this trip.

How to get there?
1.        Lok Ma Chau – Shenzhen North (Bei) Station (MTR: 30 mins, RMB4)
2.        Shenzhen North Station  -  Nanning (High Speed Rail – 4 hrs; RMB250)
3.        Nanning - Nonggang (Chartered car; RMB 700; 3.5 - 4 hrs)
4.   Getting around at Nonggang: roughly RMB400 (for 5 people in a car on two days)   

As summer is very hot at Nonggang, walking along forests in the lowland is impossible. So, we usually go to nesting sites and waterhole in the lowland. The nesting sites are owned by villagers/farmers. The waterhole is good in late afternoon when birds have a bath.

In each nesting site, shaded nets were used in order to reduce human disturbance. After enjoying the birds, admission fee is handed directly to the owner. It looks likely a sustainable ecotourism model is being taken place here (Birders: save time, Farmers: more income, Birds: get protected)

The contact person, Xiaopeng, coordinates visiting each nesting site.

Nonggang Babbler. They are tame and appear all yr round except mid May to mid June (egg incubation?). Better to check with Xiaopeng before u go.

Accommodation and food
Basic. En suite bathroom, air conditioned. It is RMB130 per head per day (including 3 meals). No TV, No Wifi.

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Great shoots.

When I visited Nonggang two years ago, but didn't watch Nonggang Babbler.