[Hong Kong] Emerald dove

Point taken, best not make TOO much of a fuss (and I suggest we DON'T contact AFCD) since:

(a) it was almost certainly just a normally healthy bird


(b) if there's one species with a marked tendency to fly into windows it's Emerald Dove, with its scooting. low-level flight - over the years at least two ex-Emerald Doves have spent the night in my fridge (in a Ziploc bag or two of course) while I've asked around if anyone wanted the body + recently one picked up at Island School spent the day recuperating and then flew off strongly at the end of the day.

Let's not add to jumpiness about the health risks from/amongst local wild birds (very low or we wouldn't have any left!) - if they want to just dispose of the corpse in the way so described, let them - it's almost certainly entirely harmless.

It's in AFCD's interests to play on health fears so let's not give them an opportunity.

Mike Turnbull