Po Toi and southern waters (HKBWS outing)

Po Toi and southern waters (HKBWS outing)

The highlight for those on the HKBWS boat during today's outing was the strong passage of skuas in southern waters, with 82 seen, all in the afternoon session. We looked for skuas in the morning session, but found none at all, probably because our boat didn't go far enough out to sea. A group of mainland birdwatchers under the care of Carrie Ma were also out in a boat and got much further from land than we did. They recorded a further 23 Long-tailed, 2 Arctic and 6 Pomarine Skuas, all in the morning session. After lunch on Po Toi, they very kindly showed us where to look.

(1) Birds recorded at sea in southern waters by the HKBWS outing group (counts from the morning & afternoon sessions combined):

duck sp 12
Little Egret  25
Cattle Egret 1
Red-necked Phalarope  179
Great Crested Tern  11
Gull-billed Tern  1
Aleutian Tern  3
Common Tern  3
White-winged Tern  1
Long-tailed Skua  55
Arctic Skua  1  (probably more waiting to be identified from photos)
Pomarine Skua  3
unidentified skuas  23
Barn Swallow  1
Chinese Bulbul at least 4 exhausted migrants, seen in the morning somewhere between Shau Kei Wan and Po Toi, still alive but sitting on the sea within c 100 metres of each other, presumably having become disoriented in foggy conditions

(2) Migrants recorded by the group on Po Toi island:

Ashy Minivet  1
Yellow-browed Warbler  2
Dusky  Warbler  1
Chestnut-cheeked Starling  1
Silky Starling (Red-billed Starling)  √
White-shouldered Starling  √
Narcissus Flycatcher  1
Blue-and-white Flycatcher  1


HKBWS outing Po Toi & southern waters 29 April 2017

Birds seen at sea:

Short-tailed Shearwater 2
Common Sandpiper 1
Red-necked Phalarope 35
Great Crested Tern 1
Bridled Tern 1
Black Drongo 1
Pale martin 2
Barn Swallow 10+

Migrants / rarer resident birds seen on Po Toi island:

Little Egret 4
Eastern Cattle Egret 3
Chinese Pond Heron 2
Eastern Reef Egret 1
Chinese Goshawk (aka Chinese Sparrowhawk) 1
Emerald Dove 1
Chestnut-winged Cuckoo 1
Indian Cuckoo 1
Pacific Swift 2+
Dollarbird 2
Brown Shrike 3+
Blue Magpie 2
Black Drongo 1
Hair-crested Drongo 1
White-shouldered Starling
Dusky Warbler 1
Arctic Warbler 3
Asian Brown Flycatcher 1
Grey-streaked Flycatcher 1+
Red-throated Flycatcher 1
Japanese Paradise Flycatcher 1
Grey Wagtail 2
White Wagtail 2
Chestnut Bunting 1

There may well be more to add