Chinese Bulbul 1
Red-whiskered Bulbul 1
Black Kite 1
Large-billed Crow 1
Oriental Magpie Robin 1
Yellow-browed Warbler 1 heard only
Chinese Pond Heron 4 all mature
Black Drongo 6
Crested Myna 1
Little Egret 2
White-shouldered Starling 1
Common Kingfisher 1
Eastern Cattle Egret 3
Striated Heron 1
Greater Coucal 1
Common Tailorbird 1
Pacific Swift 2
Barn Swallow 1
Arctic Warbler 1 calling
Dusky Warbler 1 heard only
Grey Wagtail 1
Grey-streaked Flycatcher 4
Asian Brown Flycatcher 1
Chinese Sparrowhawk 1
Black Bulbul 1 adult
Brown Shrike 2
Wood Sandpiper 1
Black-naped Tern 1 many
Bridled Tern 1 many
White-winged Tern 4


Hundreds of terns/gulls were seen from Po Toi to Stanley in the afternoon!  It was pity that I could not identify most of them like this one:

Would anyone help, please? Thank you.

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For the terns, I just want to share what I saw on the same day, sorry for the bad quality of the photos.

Other than the usual bridled terns and black-naped terns, there were also (please correct me if I am wrong on the identification):

Aleutian Tern

Roseate Tern

White-winged Terns

And I think the photo of ac130 is a Whiskered Tern. Am I right

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KK, thanks for the id and sharing your photos.