[Hong Kong] 強烈譴責康文署罔顧鷺鳥生命

A very cursory search of the internet for "arboriculture best practices wildlife" throws up many links which outline procedures for assessing trees and impacts on wildlife.  For example from the UK: ... e_1_-_Tree_Work.pdf ... Policy_complete.pdf

The last link has some very pertinent statements:  "Gristwood and Toms recognises that just as trees may be protected through Planning legislation i.e. Tree Preservation Orders, the wildlife that may utilise the trees for reasons such as roosting, breeding or sheltering may also be afforded statutory protection; the company is fully aware of its legal obligations and appreciates the potential detrimental impact that its operations could have on wildlife."

The press release states: "All LCSD's tree team staff have received professional tree care training and possess relevant knowledge and experience. Some of them hold arboriculture qualifications such as certified arborists and tree risk assessors."

If this is the case they should be well aware of wildlife- if anyone is going to encounter a bird's nest, it is going to be someone up a tree!  If they can so blatantly ignore a nesting colony we can only wonder at what damage has occurred previously.

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