[Hong Kong] 強烈譴責康文署罔顧鷺鳥生命

This is appalling and demands as many individuals as possible respond direct to LCSD with copy to AFCD.
I understand it is also illegal under current legislation.

Can you please provide a translation of the above together with email addresses for the head of LCSD and AFCD.

Also involving particular newspapers like Apple Daily would be very effective, particularly with these photos.



The latest Press Release from LCSD on this issue is on their website here (in English, I guess there is a Chinese version somewhere)

Here LCSD make the claim that the initial report was that "some tree branches were overgrowing at the junction of Kwong Fuk Road and Wan Tau Kok Lane in Tai Po and requested for a trimming by the Government. The LCSD staff therefore followed up in accordance with standing instructions. During a site inspection on June 2, it was found that some branches of the trees were too long and too dense, with a few dieback twigs. Since the typhoon season is imminent, the overgrown branches may pose danger to the passers-by. In order to ensure public safety, tree pruning work was therefore considered necessary."

My questions to anyone who knows this area are
1. Does this sound true, were the branches an obvious danger? Or was the complaint really about bird droppings?
2. Even if the branches were an obvious danger, should it also have been obvious to the LCSD inspectors on June 2 that trimming these branches would be a danger to the nesting egrets?

The rest of the statement seems to be an admission of failure and inappropriate behaviour by the tree team staff

"Following the issue of email by TMO to all tree management departments on matters to be observed in tree pruning which include protection of wild animals, the LCSD swiftly informed all tree team staff and reminded them to pay more attention."
"The LCSD will further strengthen its tree care training for these staff covering wild animal protection with a view to enhancing their awareness and technique."

However, if there was a site inspection on 2 June by LCSD inspectors and the dangers to egret nesting was obvious, then the mistake was by LCSD inspectors not just the tree team staff.


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