Domestic cat prey a Yellow-breasted bunting

Some habitat management suggestions in relation to the domestic cat problem

(1) ditch creation
Cats do not like water. A ditch (or deep water part) between pond bunds and paddy can be created so that the cat cannot jump from the pond bunds and catch birds. The ditch should be wide enough (3 to 4 m?) so that cats cannot jump across.

(2) Flooded the field when paddies are available
Same as above

(3) Planting of lemon grasses (or other irritated plants)
Cats do not like irritated smells. Plants with such smell can be planted along the edge. Their leaves can be cut to produce such smell during paddy harvesting. Lemon grasses are tough, cheap and easy to grow.

BTW, pest problem is usually associated with various aspects (food source, origin, hiding place etc) and so an integrated approach should be considered when tackling this kind of problem.