[Oversea] Indonesia Mar-Apr Birding trip report 2018

Indonesia Mar-Apr Birding trip report 2018

Elegant Pitta - Lombok
160A4871 - 複製 by Captain, on Flickr

Cerulean Kingfisher - Lombok
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Tawny-breasted Parrotfinch - Lombok
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Rinjani Scops Owl - Lombok
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Black Monkey - Lombok
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Brahminy Kite - Lombok
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Streaked Weaver - Lombok
160A5218 by Captain, on Flickr

Streaked Weaver female - Lombok
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Rufous-backed Kingfisher - Lombok
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Pink-necked Green Pigeon - Gili Meno, Lombok
160A5588 by Captain, on Flickr

Lemon-bellied White-eye  - Gili Meno, Lombok
160A5537 by Captain, on Flickr

Indonesian Honeyeater - Gili Meno, Lombok
160A5508 by Captain, on Flickr

Olive-backed Sunbird - Gili Meno, Lombok
160A5496 by Captain, on Flickr

Black-fronted Flowerpecker - Labuan Bajo
160A6415 by Captain, on Flickr

Flame-breasted Sunbird - Labuan Bajo
160A6378 by Captain, on Flickr

Flame-breasted Sunbird female - Labuan Bajo
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Sunda Brush Cuckoo - Puarlolo, Labuan Bajo
160A6285 by Captain, on Flickr

Flores Minivet - Puarlolo, Labuan Bajo
160A6263 by Captain, on Flickr

Helmeted Friarbird - Puarlolo, Labuan Bajo
160A6161 by Captain, on Flickr

Black-throated Sunbird - Labuan Bajo
160A5652 by Captain, on Flickr

Pacific Baza - Labuan Bajo
160A5658 by Captain, on Flickr

Lesser Frigatebird - Komodo
160A6150 by Captain, on Flickr

Southern Jungle Crow - Komodo
160A6134 by Captain, on Flickr

Komodo Dragon
160A6077 by Captain, on Flickr

Flores Drongo - Komodo
160A6030 by Captain, on Flickr

Rusty-breasted Whistler - Komodo
160A5996 by Captain, on Flickr

Orange-footed Scrubfowl - komodo
160A5978 by Captain, on Flickr

Yellow-crested Cockatoo - Komodo
160A5929 by Captain, on Flickr

Gr Crested Tern - Komodo
160A5750 by Captain, on Flickr

Bali Starling (wild birds) - West Bali national Park (NP)
160A6633 by Captain, on Flickr

Horsefield's Babbler - West Bali NP
160A6799 by Captain, on Flickr

Collared Kingfisher - West Bali NP
160A6597 by Captain, on Flickr

Black-winged Starling (Bali subspp) - West Bali NP
160A6493 by Captain, on Flickr

Bar-winged Prinia - West Bali NP
160A6587 by Captain, on Flickr

Javan Kingfisher - Ubud, Bali
160A7057 - 複製 by Captain, on Flickr

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I visited some Indonesian islands during the easter holiday (Lombok, Bali and Komodo, Mar-Apr 2018). This was a family trip and whenever permission was given, I then had a birding trip with assistance from local guides. In total, I had two full days of guided birding trips. Also, had several leisure morning birding around the hotels

復活節時與家人去了印尼中部幾個島嶼渡假 (龍目島,峇里島,科莫多島及弗洛勒斯島)。除了在酒店附近看看鳥,在獲得家人同意後,我有幸能享受兩天觀鳥日。

Birding season
Mar-Apr are not the best time to go (the end of rainy season). According to the local guides, sometimes pittas disappear several months, maybe they are breeding. In general, June-Aug is better.   


Bird reports
Two reports on are used. They are very useful. 有兩份非常實用的觀鳥報告,可作參考。

Highlights are
1.        Lombok (a guided day trip, Ale +62 819-1794-6606, whatsapp ok)
Elegant Pitta. We went to a hide, which is not far from the entrance. Saw at least one individual and heard another one.
Rinjani Scops Owl. They are very common. I can hear their calls every night in my hotel, but finding them is another matter. My guide showed me a good spot in Kerandanga Forest Park to see them. However, in view of protecting these birds (trapping is very serious in Lombok), it is better not to disclose the location.
Cerulean Kingfisher: quite widespread in this area. A pair was seen near the airport (-8.756045, 116.265717). The site should be ok as it is managed by the airport. Streaked Weavers were also found.
-        In general, the bird density is very low in Lombok… probably due to heavy hunting press
(1)        龍目島 (鳥導 – Ale +62 819-1794-6606 可whatsapp)
-        華麗八色鶇   在Kerandangan Forest Park一個鳥棚內看見。相信有兩隻,但只看到一隻。鳥導講這對華麗八色鶇在雨季期間沒有縱影,卻在我到訪前一天突然重現,算是我走運。
-        林加尼山角鴞 - 龍目島特有種。其實在龍目島非常容易聽到,我亦在郊外入住的酒店內聽到。鳥導Ale帶我到Kerandangan Forest Park一個地方,一入黑就看到兩隻 (還在樹上交配),非常容易。有些自助觀鳥型式的報告謂要花上數小時,才能找到。唔想花時間,唯有用錢換時間,嗚嗚
-        小藍翠鳥 -印尼廣泛分佈。有一對常在機場附近出現,位置 -8.756045, 116.265717。附近亦有Streaked Weavers
-        龍目島整體而言,雀鳥密度徧低,平原地方還可以,但一入樹林就鴉雀無聲。相信因為當地人喜飼養鳴禽,而大量捕捉林鳥。據Ale調查所得Kerandangan Forest Park 高地陷阱處處,林鳥所餘無幾。

2.        Puarlolo, Labuan Bajo (self-guided)
Labuan Bajo is a town for visiting the Komodo Dragon. It is easy to book a flight from Bali to there.
I went to Puarlolo from my hotel. Puarlolo is a popular birding spot (the location can be found in ebird) for Flores Monarch. My hotel arranged a car for me (half day – 600k IDR, with driver). It took about an hour from Labuan Bajo to the entrance of trail.   
The entrance is  -8.605471, 120.029815. The trail is narrow, overgrown but properly maintained. I arrived there at about 7:00 but the forest was dim and so birding was not very good (just Helmeted Friarbird, Wallace Heleias and calls of probable Black-naped Fruit Dove and Chestnut capped Thrush). After 1 hr, I decided to stay at the entrance (which was more open). My reward was the Flores Monarch, a restricted endemic bird, and Russet Capped Tesia.

After a while, I went uphill a bit to visit the telecom loop (also shown in ebird). The area was more open and I saw White-throated Needletail, Flores Minivet, Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker, and Black-faced Munia.

I got back to the Puarlolo forest trail again. Sunda Brush Cuckoo, Chestnut-capped Thrush were seen. Also, got a better view of Crested and Wallace Heleias. At last I got 14 bird species. Probably getting more if I know their calls.

弗洛勒斯島 (Flores) - Puarlolo, Labuan Bajo
Labuan Bajo (簡稱LBJ) 是一個去科莫多島必經的城鎮。有往來峇里的內陸機 (單程HK$600-1000,約個半小時) 。

Puarlolo 是著名山區觀鳥地點 (ebird有位置及紀錄鳥種),有點像大埔滘。由LBJ 住處到Puarlolo要1小時車程 (半日包車車費: $380 連司機),小徑入口是-8.605471, 120.029815。小徑只是一條頗狹窄但明顯的泥路。我7時到達入口時,天色較灰暗,看到的雀鳥不多 (Helmeted Friarbird, Wallace Heleias), 聽到的倒是不少,尤其有很多類似Black-naped Fruit Dove 的低沉叫聲,可惜一隻也找不到。逗留一陣後,就決定到入口的開闊地方“等鳥到” ,收穫有特有種Flores Monarch及Russet Capped Tesia。

過了一陣,我決定去幾百米外另一個鳥點 Telecom loop trail。它其實是一條長一、二百米的碎石車路,路旁有稀疏樹木,所以較易找到雀鳥。我在這裏個多小時左右,看到新加種White-throated Needletail, Flores Minivet, Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker, 及 Black-faced Munia.

之後我又回到Puarlolo小徑,在入口旁聽到一隻在樹叢低下叫緊的cuckoo ,聲音有點似香港的八聲杜鵑。之後花了一番功夫,就看到真身…Brush Cuckoo,連忙拍下幾張相。又在入口10米的樹林,找到正在詠唱中的Chestnut-capped Thrush。由於牠的歌聲有點像帶有金屬味道的畫眉,又沒有飛來飛去、只企定定唱歌,我開頭還以為是一隻flycatcher之類的雀鳥。又由於背光及樹枝遮掩,很難看清究竟是什甚麼雀,最後拍了數幅無頭相,才肯定是Chestnut-capped Thrush,牠之後也企在開揚位一秒鐘,但時間實在太短,連舉鏡也來不及。樹林內又很寂靜,但清楚看到 Crested Heleia 算ok。總計共紀錄14種雀。

3.        Villa Domanik, Labuan Bajo
I stayed at this villa, which have an open sea view and a nice swimming pool. But it was surrounded by very degraded forest and exotic plantation. So, basically only garden birds were here (Black-fronted Flowerpecker, Golden-rumped Flowerepcker, Flame-breasted Sunbird, Black-throated Sunbird). But I got a good bird in one early morning… the Pacific Baza. It was passby and I got a good view of it. BTW, although the manager is not a birdwatcher, he knows quite well about the birding spots as he has organized several birding tours. So, I did not waste a lot of time how to get to Puarlolo as the manager and his arranged driver had already known very well.     

Villa Domanik 是我在LBJ入住的酒店,賣點是海景游泳。訂位時以為係被樹林擁抱的地方,誰不知那些樹木竟然是美洲外來入侵樹銀合歡 (即係綠色沙漠,無雀) 。可幸花園吸引一些雀鳥 (Black-fronted Flowerpecker, Golden-rumped Flowerepcker, Flame-breasted Sunbird, Black-throated Sunbird) 。另外,我在一個早上觀察緊Black-throated Sunbird時,發現牠突然變得很驚覺,原來是後方有猛禽飛過,我隨即飛奔到花園空地,拍下幾張相,事後對書及經Lombok bird guide Alewhatsapp 確認,才知道是較少見的Pacific Baza,算是非常好彩。順帶一提,酒店經理雖非觀鳥者,但他曾安排多次觀鳥團,熟知本地鳥點及如何前往。

To be continued 待續


4.        Komodo island
We took a wooden slow boat from Labuan Bajo to there (4hrs one way). The boar fee was 2.5M IDR (arranged by the hotel; some previous quotes by tour companies were 5M -7.5M. Probably getting cheaper if u go to the harbour and ask the boat people directly). We arrived there at about noon (12:00). Fortunately, the ranger helped find one individual of Yellow crested Cockatoo, plus other forest birds like Rusty breasted Whistler.
We saw two Komodo dragons. They were not active, just laid down and looks like a BBQ pig in HK.  

科莫多島 Komodo
去科莫多島可乘快艇 (單程1個多小時) 或傳統小船 (單程3個多小時) 。快艇除了去科莫多島,還停留其他地方上山下海玩餐飽,但缺點是只逗留科莫多島45分鐘左右。於是,我就揀了乘小船前往 (經酒店訂,2百50萬印尼盾,包午膳。有旅行社網上報價為5-7百萬。可能自行到碼頭找船家會平D。科莫多島入場費每人要HK$180左右,好貴)。我們差不多8時許才開船,沿途風光明媚 (少少似吉澳海+西貢),又看到一些雀鳥(White-bellied Sea Eagle, Greater Crested Tern, Black-naped Tern) 及海豚 (bottlenose dolphins) ,去到科莫多島已差不多中午12 時。幸運地國家公園護林員在入口處附近找到一隻Yellow crested Cockatoo (即住在香港島那些) ,感覺有些像在外地碰到香港人。除此之外也看到一些與大洋洲關係密切的鳥種 (rusty-breasted Whistler 及 helmeted Friarbird)


5.        West Bali National Park, Bali (guided)
I did a day trip there from Ubud (120km, 3.5 hrs one way). I left my hotel at 4:30AM and arrived at the national park at 8:00.
In simple, I saw target birds like Bali Starling (two wild birds, no colour-ring) and Black-winged Starling (I was told by the guide that only 8 individuals of Bali spp left). The Javan Banded Pitta did not show up in hides (tried at two diff hides). Fortunately, my guide tried tapping at a forest near a hindu temple and successfully attracted two individuals. Although it was really a long, exhausted day trip, I enjoyed it a lot.  
這日從中部Ubud乘車到西峇里國家公園。全程120km,每程3個半小時,我4時半在酒店上車,上午8時到達。在鳥導Bayu指點下,看到特有種 Bali Starling及 Black-winged Starling的 峇里亞種。另外,亦試在兩個鳥棚等待 Javan Banded Pitta,可惜只聞聲不聞影,最後鳥導在一個廟宇附近的樹林,用tapping 方式,引到兩隻好奇的Javan Banded Pitta。雖然只是看到 (太密影唔到) ,算是大成功。回到酒店已是晚上7:30。全日看到40多種雀。

6.        Paddyfield at Ubud
The key target is Javan Kingfisher. I thought it is easy but actually not. As it is still within their breeding season, so their movement was probably quite restricted. Anyway, one pair should be around this spot  -8.492137, 115.248354. Other open country birds should be found there as well.

在峇里當然要找特式雀 Javan Kingfisher (峇里及爪哇特有) 。我開始時以為冇乜難度。但可能仍是繁殖期,活動範圍有限,所以其實是要花功夫的。事實上我和司機在前一天來往西峇里國家公園途中,很努力地尋找此鳥,可惜只找到 Collared kingfisher。不過,遠在天邊,近在眼前, 在Ubud酒店附近的稻田,輕易地看到Javan Kingfisher (位置-8.492137, 115.248354) ,其他開闊田地雀鳥亦在此稻田找到。

In summary, Indonesians are very friendly and honest. The bird density seems to be varied among islands. Nevertheless, Indonesia is deserved to visit again.


Useful contacts
Driver – Wayan (+62 813 3832 3262 whatsapp ok). A very honest and friendly guy. Knows some birds. Highly recommended.

Bird guide – Bayu (+62 8563 60 3052, whatsapp ok). He lives near West Bali NR. A hard working guide. Knows very well about Bali Starling and Black-winged Starling. Highly recommended


Thanks very much for the detail sharing.