2019 年入會及續會表格 2019 Membership Forms

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2019 年入會及續會表格 2019 Membership Forms


2019年度的會員入會 / 續會申請表格現已上載本欄,歡迎下載,請預留最少三至四星期辦理有關手續。




2019_Renewal_Form_Ind_Chi+Eng_v2.pdf (422.23 KB)
2019_Renewal_Form_Ind_Chi+Eng_v2.doc (162.5 KB)

2019_New_Member_Application_Form-Chi_v2.pdf (1.24 MB)
2019_New_Member_Application_Form-Chi_v2.doc (848.5 KB)



1.香港觀鳥會《觀鳥及鳥類攝影守則》: 見新會員入會表第二頁
2.香港觀鳥會《鄉郊地區觀鳥注意事項》: 見新會員入會表 附件-I
3.世界自然基金會《訪客到訪米埔自然保護區需遵守的條款》:見新會員入會表 附件-II
4.正確地回答《新會員入會問與答》全部問題方具入會資格 : 見入會表第三頁

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Dear Friends,

Membership application/renewal forms for 2018 are attached in this post. You are welcome to download form here. Please allow at least 3 to 4 weeks for the completion of the process.

A friendly reminder: As the new membership validity is in force, annual membership is valid from date of approval for one whole year.

Many thanks for your support.

Best regards

The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society

For Current Members:
2019_Renewal_Form_Ind_Chi+Eng_v2.pdf (422.23 KB)
2019_Renewal_Form_Ind_Chi+Eng_v2.doc (162.5 KB)

For New Members:
2019_New_Member_Application_Form-Eng_v2.pdf (1.33 MB)
2019_New_Member_Application_Form-Eng_v2.doc (1004.5 KB)

"Quiz for New Members"

In order to ensure that members understand proper attitudes and behaviors of birding, individual applicant who intends to become our member shall study the following 3 documents on their own:

1.  “Code of Conduct for Birdwatching and Bird Photography” by HKBWS:
    Please refer to page 2 of Individual Membership Application Form for new members.

2.  “Important Note for Birding in Rural Area” by HKBWS:
    Please refer to Appendix I of Membership Application Form for new members

3. “Codes of Entry to Mai Po” by WWF, HK:
    Please refer to Appendix II of Membership Application Form for new members


4.  Answer all questions of the "Quiz for New Members" correctly, the prerequisite for acceptance as a member.
   Please refer to page 3 of Membership Application Form for new members.
HKBWS Office
香港觀鳥會 辦事處