[Others 其他] 觀鳥馬拉松2019 「挑戰賽」Bird Watching Marathon2019-Challenger

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觀鳥馬拉松2019 「挑戰賽」Bird Watching Marathon2019-Challenger

Bird Watching Marathon 2019

Striving to Save Threatened Birds

6-7/4/2019  12nn--12nn  (24hrs) : 「挑戰賽 Challenger Tournament」

14/4/2019   08:00 -- 15:00 (7 hrs) : 「體驗賽嘉賓隊 VIP Tournament」 、 「體驗賽 Newbie Delight  Tournament」  及  「親子賽 Family Tournament」



今年比賽所籌得款項將用於保育瀕危鳥類工作上 !

由於各種人類活動的干擾,這些雀鳥的棲息地正不斷減少及受到破壞,加上過度捕獵,導致牠們的數量大幅下降更瀕臨滅絕。香港觀鳥會一直致力教育、科研、生境管理與保育政策倡議,保育瀕危雀鳥,您的支持讓牠們飛得更遠 !

勺嘴鷸 - 極度瀕危* 中華鳳頭燕鷗 - 極度瀕危*
黃胸鵐 - 極度瀕危* 黑臉琵鷺 - 瀕危*


(1) 參加本年度的「觀鳥馬拉松2019」,同時邀請親朋戚友慷慨贊助;
(2) 贊助你支持的隊員或隊伍;
(3) 直接捐款予本會。

謹代表香港觀鳥會感謝 閣下過去的長期支持,期待你的參與!

The annual bird race is just around the corner.  To encourage more people to join this annual event, apart from the “Challenger Tournament” for experienced members and birders & “Secondary School Tournament” for secondary school students, we have added “Newbie Delight Tournament” & “Family Tournament” for beginners so that more people can be inspired to treasure the beauty of nature and to increase their consciousness of bird conservation, especially those threatened species..  Details for these new tournaments will be announced separately.

All proceeds from Bird Watching Marathon 2019 go to threaten birds conservation.

Habitats of birds have been reducing in consequence of various human activities.  With addition of over-hunting, the population of these bird species are decreasing and even facing extinction.  HKBWS has been working on bird conservation through education, research, habitat management and conservation advocacy.  Your support lets birds soar!

Spoon-billed Sandpiper - Critically Endangered*  Chinese Crested Tern - Critically Endangered*
Yellow-breasted Bunting - Critically Endangered*  Black-faced Spoonbill - Endangered*
*IUCN Red List

We invite you to -

(1) Join Bird Watching Marathon 2019 and invite your friends and family to support you through generous sponsorship;
(2) Sponsor the team member or team you support;
(3) Directly donate to the Society

On behalf of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, thank you for your long support and we look forward to your participation!

下載比賽詳情及報名表格 Download Event Details & Registration Form:

「挑戰賽 Challenger Tournament」:

BW_Marathon _2019_Registration_Challlenger.pdf (994.86 KB)
BW_Marathon _2019_Registration_Challlenger.doc (230.5 KB)

「體驗賽 Newbie Delight Tournament」及「親子賽 Family Tournament」:

BW_Marathon _2019_Registration_Newbie_Family...pdf (863.49 KB)
BW_Marathon _2019_Registration_Newbie_Family...doc (249 KB)

網上報名 Online Registration via Google Form : <請按此 Press here>
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