[Outing] 28/4/2019 香港南面水域及蒲台觀鳥活動HK South Water& Po Toi

Seven species of tern seen at sea on today's boat trip (Sunday 28 April), Aberdeen to Po Toi and back via south Lamma, but Po Toi itself held very few migrants.

Full list of birds at sea:

Eastern Cattle Egret 3
Great Egret 7
Little Egret 1
Chinese Sparrowhawk 1 off Po Toi
Black Kite 10+
Pacific Swift 3
Great Crested Tern 4
Little Tern 2 in Po Toi Harbour
Aleutian Tern 1
Bridled Tern 71 (all except one in the vicinity of Po Toi rock)
Black-naped Tern 34 (16 near Po Toi, 18 off Lamma)
Whiskered Tern 19 off Lamma
White-winged Tern 17 off Lamma
Collared Crow 1 off Lamma (also one over Lamma power station)
Barn Swallow 4

List of birds on Po Toi (not including common resident species):

Reef Egret 1
Chinese Sparrowhawk 3
Japanese Sparrowhawk 1
Grey-faced Buzzard 1
Black Kite 4+
Lesser Coucal 1
Pacific Swift 1
Common Kingfisher 1
Black Drongo 5
Brown Shrike 1
Blue Magpie 1
Large-billed Crow 1
Barn Swallow 4
Tree Sparrow 9
Grey Wagtail 1