Hong Kong engraved leg flags 香港號碼足旗

4 April 2013

These from the Mai Po boardwalk:

Curlew Sandpiper D2, E8, N1
Marsh Sandpiper A3
Black-tailed Godwit K9

... and these from the Mai Po scrape:

Grey Plover P0, S2, T1
Great Knot  yellow flag on right leg (no alphanumerical)
Common Redshank N1, S3


Mai Po boardwalk, 7 April 2013

Greater Sand Plover H0, M3
Grey Plover S2
Black-tailed Godwit D0
Terek Sandpiper C7
Common Greenshank A0


Mai Po scrape, 10 April 2013

Grey Plover P0 again

Black-tailed Godwit L0, M7


Mai Po boardwalk, 12 April 2013

Grey Plover S2
Greater Sand Plover J6
Common Redshank S3
Common Greenshank E6


Mai Po scrape, 13 April 2013

Common Redshank S3, T7



Mai Po Pond 16/17, Grey Plover T1


Great Knot - Yellow VYR


_Y3U2094.jpg (92.44 KB)

13/04/2013 22:33


Wilson Dring


Wilson, note that the Great Knot (VYR) in the photograph has a yellow flag only. This shows that the bird was flagged in Western Australia. I have received details back from the wader studies group in WA, and have posted a summary of sightings of this bird at:


Mai Po boardwalk, 19 April 2013

Greater Sand Plover K5
Terek Sandpiper A2, E1


Mai Po boardwalk, 20 April 2013
Common Greenshank C4

Curlew Sandpiper W4


Interestingly, Richard's resighting of Terek Sandpiper E1 comes a year to the day after the only other sighting of this bird, on 19th April 2012.

There have been some interesting reports of our birds from overseas in recent days - a Grey Plover in Jiangsu on 7th April, Curlew Sandpiper in Taiwan on 17th April, Grey Plover in Bohai Bay (Hebei) since 11th April, Black-tailed Godwit in Bohai Bay (Hebei) on 19th April and Eurasian Curlew in ohai Bay (Hebei) on 18th April.

The Eurasian Curlew is our first overseas report for this species, allowing us to get more information about the migration route of our wintering population.


Mai Po boardwalk 22 April 2013

Greater Sand Plover J8


Mai Po scrape 26 April 2013

Grey Plover T1
Black-tailed Godwit L0, N4
Curlew Sandpiper T2
Broad-billed Sandpiper D9 (or possibly D5)


Mai Po scrape 27 April 2013

Common Redshank T7

Also two birds, apparently with yellow over yellow flags (faded HK flags?) and no alphanumericals visible:
Common Greenshank
Marsh Sandpiper


Mai Po scrape 30 April 2013

Greater Sand Plover C4


Mai Po scrape 2 May 2013

Common Redshank U6


Mai Po scrape 9 May 2013

Common Redshank P6
Common Redshank R6 (or possibly R8)


HK-flagged Terek in Mersing, Malaysia

A photo of this bird from the "Wader World" blog... ... vation-ringing.html[url=Wader World Blog]Wader World Blog[/url]


Mai Po scrape 8 Aug 2013

Whimbrel K5
Common Redshank N3, T1, T2


Mai Po scrape, 9 Aug 2013

Common Redshank D2, N3, TO
Whimbrel K5 (again)


Mai Po scrape, 22 August 2013

Common Greenshank E1


Mai Po boardwalk, 22 August 2013

Terek Sandpiper A2


Mai Po boardwalk, 27 August 2013

Whimbrel C5
Common Redshank U3


Mai Po boardwalk, 3 September 2013

Grey-tailed Tattler L4
Common Redshank U6


Mai Po, 6 Sep 2013

Pond 10:

Black-tailed Godwit B0, B9, P1
Common Redshank R6, R7

Outermost boardwalk hide:

Common Redshank H2, P9


(C4) 青腳鷸 Common Greenshank
MP Today (Hide 8)

I can't believing. 1080P can be cleanly watching the engraved leg flags!

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螢幕快照 2013-09-08 下午04.27.03_01.JPG (185.23 KB)

8/09/2013 18:25

螢幕快照 2013-09-08 下午04.27.03_01.JPG

Any Wrong? pointing it!


Mai Po boardwalk, 9 Sep 2013

Common Redshank R7, S3 (also 4 other leg-flagged Common Redshanks but too distant to read the alphanumericals)


Thanks all for continuing to send sightings (especially Richard, who seems to be picking up a good number of birds).

We have recently received news of a Common Redshank with HK flags 'V1' sighted at Wonorejo wetlands, Surabaya, Indonesia on 20th August 2013. This bird was flagged at Mai Po on 27th April 2013 and resighted at Mai Po on 25th July. Surprisingly, despite being the second most commonly flagged shorebird in Hong Kong, this is our first overseas resighting of a flagged Common Redshank (there have been previous records of ringed birds retrapped/hunted overseas in the 1990s) so it adds some useful information to our knowledge of this species.


Mai Po boardwalk, 19 Sep 2013

Common Redshank U3

Also two Common Greenshanks and one other Common Redshank bearing HK leg flags, but too distant to read alphanumericals


Mai Po boardwalk  September 20

Common Redshank R9


Mai Po boardwalk, 8 October 2013

Black-tailed Godwit B9, H6, K9, P1
Common Greenshank A6
Marsh Sandpiper B1


20 Oct 2013 Mud-flat
Black-tailed Godwit L0


From the boardwalk 20 Oct 2013 -  Common Greenshank "C 4"


Hk-Flagged Waders

28th October 2013 (boardwalk)

Common Redshank "R 6"

Terek Sandpiper "D 6" - I think Terek, it was obscured behind other waders


Flagged in HK

HK - flagged waders

3rd Nov 2013 from the boardwalk...

Marsh Sandpiper "R1"

Common Greenshanks "A0", "A4", and "A9"

Also 2 Common Redshank, 1 Marsh Sandpiper and 1 Black-tailed Godwit - "old" HK flags no letters/numbers


also 3rd Nov 2013 from the boardwalk

Marsh Sandpiper : R9, C2, N7, N2
Common Redshank : V0
Black-tailed Godwit : P1
Kentish Plover : B4

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3 Nov 2013 Mud-flat

Black-tailed Godwit P1





Common Greenshank A4

Common Greenshank F7 ?

Common Redshank  V0


Note that the A4 shown in Frankie's photo is a Marsh Sandpiper, rather than a Greenshank. Could somebody please confirm whether Greenshank A4 was also present on 3rd (it would be the first sighting since March 2012).
There are several Marsh Sandpipers reported on that date which are the first sightings back in HK for this winter.

The other Greenshank is E7 rather than F7. We actually don't usually use F in the flag combinations, to avoid this confusion.


Whoops !  I've re-examined my pics and MY "A4" and "A9" are Marsh Sandpipers.

Have slapped myself on the wrist...


Mai Po boardwalk 19 Nov 2013


Grey Plover K0, R7, S6, S7
Great Knot L3


Thanks Richard

K0 is a knock-out - the only previous resighting was 15 Nov 2012, so either it was not seen all winter last year, or it is only passing through HK to winter further south.
S6 is another good sighting - it was last seen in April on the coast of Hebei.

There seems to have been a small influx of Grey Plover over the last week or two, with several flagged birds present. We had something similar in the same week last year, with a second influx in the first week of December.


Mai Po boardwalk 26 November 2013

Found by Ruy Barretto:

Grey Plover R3


林鷸 Wood Sandpiper - M7
石崗 Shek Kong 2013 Dec 21


RN1_2286.JPG (151.56 KB)

23/12/2013 00:12


RN1_2287.JPG (151.81 KB)

23/12/2013 00:12


Any Wrong? pointing it!


This is great. We get incredibly few resightings of flagged Wood Sandpipers, especially with engraved flags. In fact, of 18 birds flagged with engraved flags, this is only the 7th resighting. It is also the first time M7 has been seen it was flagged on 1st September 2011!

I think one problem with Wood Sandpipers is that the flags seem to get very muddy and discoloured, and it is difficult to read the engraving. Congratulations on getting a photo that makes it possible to be sure that this is M7. Another problem is likely to be that they do not stay at Mai Po (where more people look for flags) but move on to other freshwater wetlands in Hong Kong or beyond.


紅腳鷸 Common Redshank V0, 尖鼻咀 Tsim Bei Tsui (如圖示,marked on map),早上10時 10am, 21/12/2013


V0_紅腳鷸_20131221_10am.jpg (193.16 KB)

23/12/2013 13:37



Mash Sandpiper & Olive-backed Pipit

22Jan2014 Mai Po MNR

Mudflat - Mash Sandpiper B1

Near Entrance - Olive-backed Pipit (I am not sure whether this is a ringed / escaped bird)


Nam Sang Wai 23 January 2014

Leg-flagged Wood Sandpiper - muddy white/yellow over muddy white/yellow seen at c 10 metres distance. No readable alphanumerical visible.


Mai Po boardwalk 24 January 2014

Eurasian Curlew A2 (found by Ruy Barretto), A7
Pacific Golden Plover H9, also L7 found & photographed by Ray Tipper


4Feb14 Mai Po MNR mudflat
Eurasian Curlew
4Feb14 MNR outside Education centre
Japanese white eye


18Feb14 MPNR Mudflat
Eurasian Curlew A1