Hong Kong engraved leg flags 香港號碼足旗

I also had one Marsh Sandpiper in the scrape where the Grey Headed Lapwing had been seen on the 23rd September. This one had a single yellow tag on the right tibia. Unfortunately I was unable to read it due to the fact the Sandpiper was constantly running around.

This coming Friday I will be conducting a wader count at Olango Island, Cebu. I hope to find some waders that have previously been tagged at Mai Po.


Just a report of what I counted today at Olango Island. Unfortunately I didn't see any tagged waders but it was a great day nonetheless.
I counted them in the morning then at 2.30pm I found a huge collection of various species all running around.
The first figure is my morning tally, the figure in red is the afternoon tally. Please be aware that I was counting alone today so the counts are quite rough. Here goes

Whimbrel 250+ (Many Hundreds)
Eurasian Curlew 200+ (Many Hundreds)
Far Eastern Curlew 14+ (Looks like many more have just flown in)
Redshank 250+ (Many Hundreds, maybe over a thousand)
Grey Tailed Tattler (Many Hundreds almost certainly over a thousand)
Turnstone 50+ (Many Hundreds)
Sand Plover spp 250+ (Many Hundreds almost certainly over a thousand)
Grey Plover 150 (Many Hundreds)
Greenshank 100+ (Many Hundreds)
Terek Sandpiper 120+ (Many Hundreds)
Great Knot 150+ (Many Hundreds)
Red Necked Stint 50+ (Many Hundreds) + many Stints too far to I.D probably this species and Long Toed Stint.
Curlew Sandpiper (scores)
Asiatic Dowitcher 12+ ((At least 50 at very close range))
Bar Tailed Godwit 200+ (Many Hundreds)
Chinese Egret 14+ (20+)
Gull Billed Tern 68 (Many Hundreds)
Little Tern 10+ (25+)
Whiskered Tern 6+ (35+)
Unidentified Tern that looked very much like an adult winter Aleutian Tern.
White Bellied Sea Eagle 2
Chinese Goshawk 6+ (in flock early morning heading South)
Collared Kingfisher 80+
Common Kingfisher 1


Had a Flagged Broad Billed Sandpiper amongst a flock of 130+ birds in the Shrimp pools by The Mactan Bridge in Mandaue, Cebu.
The Left Tibia had a Yellow Flag and the Right Tarsus had a Black Metal ring. Markings could not be seen as the bird was just too active.
Also had a Red Necked Stint at the same location with a Yellow Flag on its left Tibia, again, markings could not be made out.
Can anyone here hazard a guest to the location of the tagging on these two birds?
Thanks in advance


Original posted by ajohn at 6/10/2011 10:29
As John's link should show, single yellow flags come from North-west Australia (but they are usually on the Right leg I think?)
The Broad-billed Sandpiper is probably a very good record, possibly the  ...
On my 1st count on 31-08-2011 we found 3 Red Necked Stints with yellow leg flags. I know they have also had an Alaskan Ringed Bar Tailed Godwit there. I will endevour to find out more and pass on this information to you, especially if it involves HK ringed birds.
This is the flock which landed right in front of me by a major road near the Cities Airport.