Hong Kong engraved leg flags 香港號碼足旗

2012/3/17 1800 hours, at Tai Sang Wai Hong Kong, sighted 3 Chinese Bulbuls each with a grey colored (aluminum?) ring on its right tarsus only, without any colored flag on the other leg.
Looking for expert's advice why there isn't any colored flag.


Hello ajohn,
Thanks a lot, now I understand.


Sighted Hong Kong engraved leg flag E4 on 2012/4/4 at about 0800 hours at Nam Sang Wai Road Hong Kong. The wader appears to me to be a Common Greenshank, but I am not sure as I am very green in birding watching. Anyone can help tracing what the wader is?
Thank you.


Thank you,John.

With the information you provided, I concurred that what I saw this morning at Nam Sang Wai with a Hong Kong flag E4 was a Common Greenshank, as I doubted at the moment I saw it whether it was a Common Greenshank or Marsh Sandpiper, as it has none of the outstanding characteristics of the other species you mentioned.

By the way, are there any specific meaning with the fist alphabet and the following numeric of the engraved leg flag? I am immensely love to know more about bird watching as I am green in it, and I really mean it. I started birding watching only since February 2012. So far I watched 22 times with 17 of which on waders, as it is only a 20 minutes bicycle ride from my home to Nam Sang Wai.

Please advise.


Hello John,

Thanks very much the detail information on the engraved leg flag, that's a very good education to a new comer like me.

Thanks again,