Environmental and Ecological Monitoring 環境和生態監測

1. About the loss in wooded area in "Evaluation of Direct Impacts", A.6.46 states Direct loss of developed and wooded areas is NOT anticipated. But in A.6.47,  loss of this area is not considered to be of significance due to its small size and limited ecological function. So, grateful if WWF can clarify whether this 0.03 ha of wooded area will be lost or not. Also a table showing change in area of habitat "before and after" will be useful.

2.1 The assessment does not specify how many trees will be "felled, retained and transplant"

2.2 It will be great if a tree protection plan can be shown.  

3. The assessment appears to not address the control of site runoff

4.1 The assessment appears to not address the impacts of heavy truck movement on the fishponds along Tam Kon Chau Road. Say the expected hourly rate of such traffic, any impact etc.

4.2 Pls note TKC Rd is a narrow road and road safety is of great concern

THX for your attention