2017 香港鳥類報告 HK Bird Report 2017

2017 香港鳥類報告 HK Bird Report 2017

2017 香港鳥類報告 │ HK Bird Report 2017

由香港觀鳥會編輯的《香港鳥類報告2017》已經正式出版。本會 感謝編輯組、各義工及遞交紀錄的會員鳥友的努力,使報告得以順利出版。


"印刷版"  /  "電子版(光碟) "

1/ 2019年11月11日前到鳥會領取:無需預約通知,辦公時間為星期一至五09:30-18:00 / 星期六09:30至13:00。請攜帶會員證以作證明
2/ 11月11日後才能到鳥會領取:請先以電郵通知本會( lfanny  @h 請自行取消空格),避免郵遞寄出。
3/ 郵寄:未能於上述期間領取的會員,其鳥類報告將於11月12日寄出。


香港鳥類報告只向以下會員派發:全費會員(A / eA / V / eV)、榮譽會員(H) 及機構會員(C)。
(電子會員(eA 及eV) 只限領取電子版(光碟))


印刷版:會員價 ~ HK$130 / 非會員價~HK$160
電子版 (光碟):會員價 ~ HK$100 / 非會員價~HK$140


The latest《Hong Kong Bird Report 2017》has just published.  The Society would like to express our gratitude to the Editors, volunteers and the one who submit the bird record to us for their efforts to make this report available.

This Report was printed on 100% recycle paper with soy ink, and is also available in CD-Rom digital version.

" PRINTED Version"  /  "Digital Version in CD-Rom":

1/ Pick-up at HKBWS office on or before Nov 11:  please just come up to our office during office hours ((Mon-Fri 09:30-18:00 &  Sat 09:30-13:00), no prior notice or reservation is required. Please bring along your membership card for identification.
2/ Pick-up at HKBWS office after Nov 11: please notify us in advance so that your copy will not be posted (email:  lfanny   @ (Please delete spaces))
3/ By mail: the rest will be posted by mail on Nov 12.

The latest report is rather thick, ie 350 pages, 20mm thick, weight around 0.7kg.  Due to its bulkiness, it may suffer from wrinkling or minor surface damages if sent by post. It may also be too thick to put into your mail box. Therefore, please do come to our office in person to collect a perfect one .

Only the following member types are entitled to the “Hong Kong Bird Report”:
Local & Overseas Individual Member who are paying full subscription fee (A, eA, V & eV), Honorary Member (H) and Corporate Member (C).

(e-Member types(eA & eV) are entitled to CD-Rom version only)
(Family member(F), adult student member(T),  student member(S) & senior member(E) are not entitled.)

For those who want to purchase the latest《Hong Kong Bird Report 2017》, prices are:

Printed copy:
Member price ~ HK$130
Non-member price ~ HK$160

Digital CD-Rom :
Member price ~ HK$100
Non-member price ~ HK$140


The number of pages and weight of this year's report is much more than what we expect (350 pages、2cm thick、0.7Kg). The postage is jump to $30. Please collect it in our office as far as you can to save money and manpower. Thanks a lot!!





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