Flycatcher ID please

Taiga Flycatcher, adult male.

The only possible confusion is with Red-breasted Flycatcher.

A first-winter of either species would show buff or light-coloured fringes to the greater coverts. The photo does not show that.

Furthermore, a first-winter Red-breasted looks mostly like a female Red-breasted: not matching the photo.

A male Taiga gradually loses the red on its throat in the autumn, as seen here: only a small area of orange on the throat below the bill. A male Red-breasted keeps most of the red throat even in the winter. An adult male Red-breasted would have a grey head. The bird in the photo has at least a brown crown, which is a feature of male Taiga.

The uppertail coverts on a Taiga are supposed to be as dark as or darker than the tail. This is not clear from parts of the uppertail coverts on the photo, and is probably due to uneven lighting.

(Other features: The dark upper mandible usually indicates Taiga but sometimes Red-breasted would have that too. Taiga usually has colder tones on the upperparts than Red-breasted. Again, the photo might have been taken in very warm light.)

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