[Hong Kong] Tern ID at Sai Kung Harbour

Tern ID at Sai Kung Harbour

I saw this guy flying around in Sai Kung Harbour. It circled for a while before it went to the deeper waters. It was smaller than the Whiskered and White-Winged Terns we saw in the same area, and it had a longer beak compared to the other two. I strongly suspect it is a Little Tern (Sternula Albifrons) but I may be proven wrong. Would anyone help me ID this tern, I'm not an excellent photographer.


maybe bn tern?


From the overall shape and darkness in the outer primaries, I agree with the original poster that this is a Little Tern.

The dark bill and black nape are features of non-breeding plumage.  Here’s a shot (taken 9th May 2022) which shows the shape from a similar angle, but this bird is in breeding plumage

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