Record Committee Decision 2022

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Record Committee Decision 2022

Record Committee did not organise a physical meeting in January 2022 due to no urgent matter to resolve for the time being and escalating covid situation. Discussion and assessment were conducted via emails and online platform.

At a meeting on 26 April 2022, the Record Committee made the following decisions.

Removal in Cat I
•        Cinereous Tit Parus cinereus commixtus, the common taxon recorded in Hong Kong, was moved to place under Japanese Tit as Parus minor commixtus based on suggestion of IOC v1.6 (2008) and recent DNA study (in prep.). RC Checklist Sub-committee will also review the pended Japanese Tit records (those suggested as Parus m. minor) since the RC meeting on 23 August 2018.

Additions to Cat IIA
•        Chinese Babax Pterorhinus lanceolatus was moved from Cat III to Cat IIA based on recent records at Tai Mo Shan which could be previously undetected due to changes of their suitable preferred habitat in previous years (2007-2018).

Taxonomy and HK List nomenclature changes:
It incorporates changes introduced in the recent IOC Bird List v11.2 and v12.1 species and taxonomic updates as follows:

English name of Stejneger’s Stonechat Saxicolar stejnegeri has changed to Amur Stonechat. The change was incorporated in HK List.

Greyish-crowned Leafbird Chloropsis lazuline was split from Orange-bellied Leafbird C. hardwickii based on phylogenetic divergence and plumage differences. This HK List also adopted this change.

IUCN Red List Status (in 2021)
Mountain Hawk Eagle has been uplisted from Least Concern (LC) to Near threatened (NT).
Chinese Grassbird has been downlisted from Vulnerable (VU) to Near threatened (NT).

The HK List now stands at 572 species in Cat I and II. An updated HK List will be published soon.

Yat-tung Yu
RC Chairman





從第I 類取消
•        蒼背山雀Parus cinereus commixtus是本地常見的鳥種,根據IOC v1.6 (2008)及近年基因研究(文章待發表)的結果,這鳥種的分類學地位是在遠東山雀Japanese Tit中的一個亞種Parus minor commixtus ,紀錄委員會接受這結果。紀錄委員會的名錄小組委員會將會審核在2018年8月23日紀錄委員會會議之後待決的遠東山雀紀錄(這些紀錄提交時被認為是亞種Parus m. minor)。

•        矛紋草鶥由第IIC類改為第IIA 類。由於這鳥種在2007-18年內沒有紀錄,近年在大帽山重新多次出現。這可能是該種群當年在改變牠們棲息地時而沒有被發現。

最新的名錄包含了《世界鳥類名錄》(IOC) 11.2及12.1版本的鳥種及分類更新改動如下:

黑喉石(即鳥)的英文名字Stejneger’s Stonechat 改為Amur Stonechat。香港鳥類名錄採用這個改變。

根據生物分類系統區別及不同的羽色,灰冠橙腹葉鵯Chloropsis lazuline從橙腹葉鵯C. hardwickii中分拆出來。香港鳥類名錄採用這個建議。


《香港鳥類名錄》第I及第II類共有572種,最新的 《香港鳥類名錄》即將刊登。



At a meeting on 20 Jun 2022, the Record Committee did not make decisions as records are being assessed.

- 20 URFs for Checklist Sub-committees and 6 URFs for the Main Record Committee. Most of the 2020 and 2021 URF assessment could be completed within this year.
- IOC version 12.2 (draft): there is no update on the HK List.

The HK List still stands at 572 species in Cat I and II.

Yat-tung Yu

紀錄委員會於6月20日舉行會議, 由於鳥類紀錄還在審核中,會議中未有作出決定。

- 名錄小組委員會正在處理20份罕有鳥類紀錄表格, 而紀錄委員會亦處理6份罕有鳥類紀錄表格。 大部份2020及2021年的罕有鳥類紀錄表格評審會在今年內完成。
- 世界鳥類名錄 (IOC Bird List) 版本12.2(初稿): 香港鳥種沒有更新。




At a meeting on 7 Nov 2022, the Record Committee made the following decisions:

Additional to Cat I
•        Flesh-footed Shearwater Ardenna carneipes, 20 March 2022 at Po Toi
•        Booted Eagle Hieraaetus pennatus, 23 January 2022 at Stanley.
•        Tree Pipit Anthus trivialis, on 3 March 2022 at Mai Po fishpond. The other two records (i.e. 23 February 2022 at the same Mai Po fishpond, and on 3 January 2022 at Tai Po Tin) were found from photos after the first record, though dates were earlier than that of this record.
The HK List now stands at 575 species in Cat I and II. An updated HK List will be published later.

The following new subspecies records were reviewed and accepted for HK:

•        Common Cuckoo (subspecies subtelephonus), 20 May 2020, Mai Po
•        Mew Gull (subspecies heinei), 18 January 2021, Mai Po boardwalk
•        Peregrine Falcon (subspecies pealei), 22 December 2021, Mai Po

Removal of URF submission requirement
The following species would be removed from URF submission: Alstrom’s Warbler and Chinese Barbet.

Taxonomy and HK List nomenclature changes
It incorporates changes in IOC v.12.2 into HK List:

•        Eastern Osprey Pandion cristatus was re-lumped with Western Osprey P. haliaetus as simply “Osprey”. English name of Pandion haliaetus was restored to Osprey.
•        Genus of Pale-footed Bush Warbler changes from Urosphena to Hemitesia , new scientific name is Hemitesia pallidipes.

The next meeting is scheduled in early January 2023.

Yat-tung Yu
RC Chairman




淡足鸌 Ardenna carneipes  於蒲台島記錄(2022-03-20)。
靴隼鵰 Hieraaetus pennatus  於赤柱記錄(2022-01-23)。
林鷚 Anthus trivialis  於米埔魚塘記錄(2022-03-03)。另外兩個記錄隨後在相片中發現(於同一個地點,2022-02-23,及於大埔田,2022-01-03),拍攝日期在這個記錄之前,但仍以第一個通報記錄為先。


大杜鵑( subtelephonus 亞種)於米埔 (2020-05-20)
海鷗( heinei 亞種)於米埔浮橋 (2021-01-18)
遊隼( pealei 亞種)於米埔 (2021-12-22)


根據最新的 IOC v. 12.2,《香港鳥類名錄》有少量英文及學名變更如下:

Eastern Osprey  Pandion cristatus 再次跟鶚 Western Osprey  Pandion haliaetus 合併,而 Pandion haliaetus 英文名再次統一為Osprey,鶚,這個中文名字沒有修改。

淡腳樹鶯的屬名由 Urosphena 改為 Hemitesia ,新的學名為 Hemitesia pallidipes ,中文名字沒有修改。