2007年會籍幾時可以續會呀??? 2007 Subscription Renewal

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Webcreeper wrote:
''Dear Friends,
To help, you can apply for an AFCD Mai Po Entry Permit by writing to to them;
* enclosing a photocopy of your HKID card,
* attaching proof that you are a keen birdwatcher, such as a photocopy of your HKBWS memebrship card,
* and giving the date when you want to visit Mai Po, usually for the next 12-months if you are living in Hong Kong and want to visit Mai Po frequently. ''

My wife (non birder) and I are intending to visit Hong Kong late March/early April. I think (!) I'm being let off for one day for birding (!) and obviously would like to get to Mai Po (and possibly Tai po Kau....are both do-able in a day?). I have sent off for my HKBWS membership and about to join up to WWF via its online service.
However reading the above, do I have to provide my passport details to AFCD as obviously I don't have HK i.d
Many thanks


2007 subscription

Unfortunately, mine hasn' getting a bit anxious about the AFCD and closed border permit process for Mai Po for which, as I understand it, I need to furnish details of my HKBWS membership....and I also understand that AFCD can take a month to process, perhaps a bit longer as I'm resident in UK.
Oh, well!!