2007年會籍幾時可以續會呀??? 2007 Subscription Renewal

To the Membership Affairs / HKBWS,

>>>>Quoted >>>>>>>

"Dear members,

If you need to renew your Mai Po Permit in early January 2007, you may make a note on the renewal form.

We will send out the receipt within 2 to 3 weeks so that you may use it to apply to AFCD. The membership card will be mailed to you later"
<<<<< UNQUOTED<<<<<<

May I suggest that a SCAN copy of the official receipt can be email to the members so that they can start processing the AFCD permit without waiting for the "physical" reciept.

That will be especially helpful, like me, who live in an internet world and travelling around, without waiting for the post delivery ( a.k.a. Snail Mail).

Cheers from Jimmy Ng