[Oversea] Bar-tailed Godwit flies 11,500km non-stop

Bar-tailed Godwit flies 11,500km non-stop

Following from the BBC News

"It's official - the godwit makes the longest non-stop migratory flight in the world.

A bird has been tracked from its Southern Hemisphere summertime home in New Zealand to its breeding ground in Alaska - and back again.
The bar-tailed godwit, a female known as E7, landed in New Zealand this past weekend after taking 8 days to fly 11,500km from Alaska to New Zealand non-stop.

Unlike seabirds, which feed and rest on long journeys, godwits just keep going.

The migrant champion was one of 13 satellite-tagged bar-tails (Limosa lapponica baueri ) that left New Zealand at the beginning of the year.

E7 set her first record on the way north, when she flew non-stop for 10,200km (6,340 miles) to Yalu Jiang in China. She then flew a further 5,000km (3,000 miles) to the godwit breeding grounds in Alaska. And on the way back to New Zealand, her tag still working, E7 set another non-stop record of 11,500km (7,150 miles)"

This is further than flying from Hong Kong to London.

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