[Egrets] Panic-striken Egret and Heron

Panic-striken Egret and Heron

This afternoon strolling at The Chinese University of Hong Kong with my long idling D200 and Nikkor AFS f4 300mm to which a 1.4x-extender had been added, a woman came in my direction and pointed to me a cattle egret perching higher up a tree on the opposite bank. She shouted and clapped to the egret, seemingly to say hello to a long-time-no-see friend. This intrusion into the tranquility was met with the egret fleeing away. I followed the egret's fleeing route immediately and came up with this one, in which was accidentally included a Chinese pond heron that was also fleeing away.

Recap of shooting data as follows:
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Feb 17, 08 at about 4:15pm
Nikon D200, Nikkor AFS-f4 300mm plus Nikkor 1.4x extender.
ISO 500

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