Comment about the Forum !!

Thank you for your message and your support to the Society.  

I'm not sure what you refered to when you mentioned "registration & payment".  

If you meaned membership subscription fee &/or donations, you may tender your payment by credit card by filling out the payment slip at the end of the subscription form and return it to use by mail.  There is a box for "Aged 18 or above and residing outside Hong Kong" at the subscription form. Forms for 2012 can be download from the below link:

If you meaned outing registration for oversea participants, although we don't accept credit card for outing fee, you may register by email first and then tender payment on event date to our leader.  

I hope the above answered your doubts well.  Please do let us know should you have further questions.
Original posted by MBIVARCUNHA at 9/06/2012 17:12

I live in Macau, and I follow your forum, sometimes I ask for help about bird identification and always have your kind attention. I like very much your forum and many discussions are in englis ...