[Frigatebirds] Lesser Frigatebird 白斑軍艦鳥

Ha ha!  Study time again!   
There is a review of Frigatebird records in Hong Kong  by Michael L. Chalmers in  Hong Kong Bird Report 1998 (P. 128 -142 ).
In particular observers should note whether the white underparts have a rounded or straight leading edge and whether they terminate in a point on the belly (Lesser), in rounded shape on the belly in front of the feet ( Great), or at the vent between the feet (Christmas Island)
According to Chalmers, the photo rules out Great, and it is either
Lesser or  Christmas Island Frigatebird which look similar with their white armpits. Not sure if the white patch is extended to the vent between the feet.

Compare the size of the bird with the Black Kite from the 2nd photo, it looks smaller than the Black Kite,  it's more likely  a  Lesser Frigatebird.

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Lesser Frigatebird
Christmas Frigatebird

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