Ng Tung Chai 梧桐寨 Autumn 2008 秋

Ng Tung Chai 梧桐寨 Autumn 2008 秋

A walk from 10:30am to 2:00pm

Not much seen/heard in the country park area between the temple and the two waterfalls.

-Mountain Bulbul
-Mountain tailorbird
-Silver-eared Mesia and Red-billed Leiothrix
-etc... common birds.

On the way back i found a Asian Paradise Flycatcher.
It was with the scarlet minivets, bulbuls and sunbirds.
Luckily i got nice views of it.

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Nothing special seen today in Ng Tung Chai....probably because i was visiting in the afternoon.
Only one Paradise Flycatcher was seen from distance, but i am not sure is it an Asian or a Japanese.

Besides there is an unknown small-sized bird, producing strange "tack tack" sound (different from dusky warbler) inside dense bushes near the ground, about 100m before the bottom fall. see if anybody lucky enough to identify it.(Lesser shortwing??)

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