Ng Tung Chai 梧桐寨 Autumn 2008 秋


  I was kindly acquainted to the joys of birding Ng Tung Chai this morning by the man who knows it best- Mike Kilburn (thanks Mike!).  Had a few decent bird waves, and I was able to add a few ticks to my modestly growing Hong Kong list (nearing 200 now).

- 1 Eurasian Woodcock was probably bird of the day.  Per usual, it was solitary and sitting just above a small, sheltered stream.
- 2 Asian Paradise Flycatchers were quite nice to see, as well as a couple of Mountain Bulbuls.
- Other birds of note: Scarlet and Grey-throated Minivets, two Grey-cheeked Fulvettas, a few Mountain Tailorbirds, two Arctic Warblers, an Eastern Crowned Warbler, a few Streak-breasted Scimitar-babblers, a Black-winged Cuckoo-shrike, one Olive-backed Pipit, and several Rufous-capped Babblers, Silver-eared Mesia, Blue-winged Minla, and Chestnut Bulbuls.

Good birding,
Wes Homoya