Digiscoping with the Nikon P6000

Digiscoping with the Nikon P6000

Nikon are continuing with the gradual upgrades on the P series cameras with the new P6000. The stretching of the lens to cover 28 mm - 112 mm makes it a bit more difficult to digiscope with due to more vignetting than normal with previous models (P5000 and P5100 ).  The addition of RAW is the only reason for upgrading though as all other features are minor changes. Unfortunately it takes a new adapter (UR E-21 ) which I haven't been able to obtain yet so I've had to order one.  I use my balance bar to set it up separately to the scope but as close to the lens as possible.  As I zoom the lens I have to move the camera or it will touch the scope eyepiece.  Results are similar to the P5100 with bigger files (13.5 megs ), but unfortunately NX Capture will not read the Raw files so I use Adobe DNG (free download ).  The converted file is 76 megs.
Here are a few images taken so far. Neil

Nikon P6000 plus Swarovski STS80 HD scope and Sw 30x and 45x eyepieces with homemade balance bar


chinese pond heron P6000 DSCN0089.jpg (131.77 KB)

19/10/2008 13:36

chinese pond heron P6000 DSCN0089.jpg

grey heron P6000 DSCN0133.jpg (124.26 KB)

19/10/2008 13:36

grey heron P6000 DSCN0133.jpg

little egret yawn.P6000 sw 30x iso64DSCN9854.jpg (110.01 KB)

19/10/2008 13:36

little egret yawn.P6000 sw 30x iso64DSCN9854.jpg

nikonP6000 raw_22.jpg (130.47 KB)

19/10/2008 13:36

nikonP6000 raw_22.jpg

chinese bulbul P6000 raw crop nware P6000_9.jpg (142.35 KB)

19/10/2008 13:36

chinese bulbul P6000 raw crop nware P6000_9.jpg


I finally got my NIKON P6000 as I solved the problem of connecting the dc to my DCA. Since there is no stepping ring available in the market from M44mm to M46mm, therefore I buy a stepping ring from M43mm to M46mm($18) and connect it to my old Nikon P5100 connection tube (m44mm to m52mm) by using AB Epoxy Resin mixture.

For digiscopic usage, P6000 gives me a very fast focus and it is very accurate too. In taking RAW, the processing from one shot to another is quick in P6000. It wins my old Nikon 8400.

As expected, the middle range of the zoom lens gives rather sharp image, however a little bit disappointed at its long end, i.e. from 16mm to 24mm.

Picture quality
Compare with my old Nikon 8400, P6000 is still not as good as my working horse despite having higher pixel. It lackes the detail that 8400 gave me.

All the bird shots below were taken by using 30X scope + Nikon P6000 on 22.11.2008 at Long Valley.

The connection ring+tube.

12.3mm f4.6 1/206 second ISO 100

12.3mm f4.6 1/155 second ISO 100

13.6mm f4.8 1/180 second ISO 100

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Good report! Thank you!


The following shot (cropped) was taken by setting the dc at its longest zoom, i.e.24mm f7.7. The object was a bit far away from me.
Taken in RAW, transformed to JPG format by the DC directly.

Long Valley

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The new Nikon ViewNX processing P6000 raw file

Recently Nikon has launched the latest ViewNX Ver1.3 software, the software can now edit the NRW raw image taken by P6000 ( which was impossible due to absence of the codex in PS).  Editing functions such as image color, tone adjustment,exposure compensation and white balance adjustment is also possible now.

The following image is using this ViewNX Ver 1.3 processor to convert NRW to tiff.

Digiscopic shot using 30X scope,
Camera setting
ISO 200, EV-2, f2.8, 6mm, 1 second, white balance : incandescent (taken at night around 10pm)

Applying ViewNX 1.3 to convert the raw image to tiff, with the folollowing editing,
(1)explosure compensation +0.6EV,
(2)change the white balance from the standard setting of incandescent (3000k) to 3492K,
(3)Tint -1
(4)apply sharpening slightly

Then using PS to downsize the image to jpg.

The 100% cropping of above image.




Thanks for the update Wing.  Nice Night Heron too.  Neil


For Nikon P6000 user, don't forget to upgrade the firmware to Version 1.2.
It saves your battery power obviously. ... li=&p_topview=1