Ng Tung Chai Winter 2008/9

My first visit to Ng Tung Chai, yesterday the 26th of February - (and my first post on this forum!):

A very rewarding visit, despite the drizzly weather. What a superb birding area and beautiful scenery.
Most species, including the difficult ones, seen very well and at close range.
Here is my trip report:

NG TUNG CHAI Bird Trip Report        February 26th 2009
Weather: Drizzle, overcast, humid – upper part of forest covered in fog.
From Kam Lam Rd all the way to the Upper Waterfall and return.         07:30-14:00

067        Black Kite
194        Spotted Dove
208        Common Koel several calling
209        Greater Coucal 1 calling
237        Great Barbet 1 calling
257        Grey Wagtail 2
260        Olive-backed Pipit
268        Grey-chinned Minivet 1 pair positively identified
269        Scarlet Minivet 6 positively identified
        Minivet SP several flocks, total 20+
270        Red-whiskered Bulbul
271        Chinese Bulbul
273        Chestnut Bulbul several flocks, total 20+
272.8        Mountain Bulbul 1 between Middle and Upper Fall
280.5        Lesser Shortwing 1 skulking adult seen and heard just uphill from the Country Park Map after the temple and at least 1, possibly 2 other individuals heard singing closer to Lower Fall.
287        Oriental Magpie Robin
298        Blue Whistling Thrush 2
        Thrush SP 1 flushed - probably Grey-backed
309        Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler 1
309.5        Pygmy Wren Babbler 1 pair actively collecting nesting material at XXXXXX. Seen at very close range for half an hour.
310        Rufous-capped Babbler several seen and heard
317        Silver-eared Mesia 2+
318        Red-billed Leiothrix 2
319        Blue-winged Minla At least 3 different, all between Middle and Upper Fall.
345        Yellow-bellied Prinia
346.9        Mountain Tailorbird 1 singing male at the second Country Park Map after the temple.
347        Common Tailorbird
352        Pallas’s Lead Warbler
354        Yellow-browed Warbler
371        Verditer Flycatcher 1 male
383        Grey-headed Flycatcher a few individuals calling.
389        Great Tit
391        Velvet-fronted Nuthatch 2 near Ng Tung Chai Village
394        Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker several
395        Fork-tailed Sunbird
397        Japanese White-eye
418        Yellow-billed Grosbeak 2 near Ng Tung Chai Village
424        Eurasian Tree Sparrow
436        Crested Myna
444        Common Magpie
Looking forward to going back there again....