[Hong Kong] Reporting Illegal Bird Traps 水流田有人設網捉雀

Reporting Illegal Bird Traps 水流田有人設網捉雀

At Shui Lau Tin, Shek Kong today we came across an illegal mist net with a struggling Blackbird in it.  The area also had some cage traps, baited with corn.

The blackbird, slightly injured, has been taken to KFBG.

I have Emailed AFCD on their website to inform them about the bird traps, link here :- ... con/cou_con_con.asp

On Dec. 15th I found some mist nets near Tong Kung Leng, Sheung Shui. Having left a message on the AFCD website they replied reasonably quickly (on Dec.19th) that a team had removed the nets on 18th December.

Anyway, the purpose of this message is to remind people to report mist nets and cage traps they find to AFCD.  Midwinter seems to be the "peak season" for this kind of offence !

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Bird Trapping in Hong Kong

Hi Jimmy,

I don't think bird trapping like this is very common in Hong Kong. Certainly, people don't NEED to trap birds and animals to survive!
Bulbuls and Magpie Robins caught in nets can be sold as cage birds. The cage traps photographed above are probably for Spotted Dove or Oriental Turtle Doves, which are more likely to be eaten.  But I'm only guessing.

My meaning was to praise AFCD for responding to my previous complaint; they must be busy with "Biosecurity" issues after a recent outbreak of avian influenza in Yuen Long.



Bird Nets removed

Yesterday, 2nd January, I went to look for the Hawfinch reported along airfield road, with a few others.  We didn't find the bird, but some GOOD news was that I checked the field at Shui Lau Tin and found the net and traps gone.  It turns out AFCD visited the site on 30th December and took them away :

"Dear Mr. Holmes
        Thank you for notifying AFCD about a mist net and other cage traps seen at Kam Tin area. Our Nature Wardens conducted a search in the area on 30.12.2008. One set of mist net and 3 cage traps were seized. However, no one admitted to be responsible in the vicinity but we will keep an eye on the area and will take action as appropriate once illegal traps are found.
        If you see any illegal traps/ mist nets in future, please help by calling the "1823 Call Centre" to notify AFCD so that prompt action can be taken to rectify the situation.

Best Regards...."


Mist Nets at Shui Lau Tin, Shek kong - Nov. 2009

On 15th Nov 2009 I birded along Airfield Road.  

About 30m along a path beyond the eastern end of the paved road ( south of the channel ) in a field I found some birds hanging from string and some more nets. The same place nets were set up last winter ! The area is now fenced, unlike last year.

I contacted AFCD and was telephoned on Friday 27th November to be told that AFCD had removed the nets successfully.  Well done, AFCD.
Apparently the person in the fields was cheeky to the AFCD staff and at first wouldn't let them in for inspection.   However, eventually, the offender ran away.

Anyway, this is just a suggestion to keep an eye out for illegal bird trapping now it is winter and inform AFCD (by the methods suggested above) where necessary.

John Holmes