Ng Tung Chai 梧桐寨 2006 Autumn 秋

Ng Tung Chai 梧桐寨 2006 Autumn 秋


by Mike Kilburn on 09/27/06 at 09:53:37

Big News! a Speckled Piculet was seen for arond two minutes this morning in Ng Tung Chai! If accepted, this will be the third record for Hogn Kong.

The bird was seen with a loose feeding flock which included Rufous-capped Babbler, Blue-winged Minla, an Asian Paradise Flycatcher and juvenile Chestnut Bulbul.

Follow the concrete/stone path  from the village that goes up to and past the Man Duk Yuen Temple, and go past the steep track going straight up to Tai Mo Shan (on the right hand side of the path). Do not take this track but go straight ahead (sign posted to Bottom Falls), for around 100m.

Look for an obvious tree standing alone on the left of the path - it has a distinctive fork close to the ground and and the bark is somewhat orange in tone. I have put some sticks in the fork to mark the spot. Close-by, on the other side of the path I have placed some sticks upright against a rock.

As with all forest birds it will probably range widely, so I would recommend looking between the spot marked and the lower falls, but concentrating on the lower section.

Other birds seen today include:

Asian Paradise Flycatcher - 1 (+1 Paradise Flycatcher sp)
Arctic Warbler - 1
Eastern Crowned Warbler - 1
Pale-legged/Sakhalin Leaf Warbler - 1h

Lesser Shortwing - 1 h
Pygmey Wren Babbler - 1 h
MountainTailorbird - 4h

Mike K