Digiscoping advice please


Hi Mike,

I think you should consider the adaptor as well, along with camera.

The adaptor could help you to get the image from the eyepiece in quicker way, reduce 'shaking' that affect the quality of the photo very much, and you can also make clear focus with one hand (i.e. difficult to hold camera by one hand and get good focus with other hand - same question for shaking!).

I know the latest adaptor for your telescope could fit different kind of camera. But the adaptor could be easily out of stock in Hong Kong.

If you have decided to buy the adaptor, I think you can bring all the adaptor, telescope (and tripod as well) to the camera shop and try different cameras. Then, you will have some idea which camera you should buy. Surely, what Neil has suggested seem to be the best option in the market.

Last comment is that good digiscoping also needs many practices. I think you need to some practices after buying all these equipments.