is this a Aleutian Tern Juv ??

At the time, based, fairly safely I think, on its having the same size, shape and structure as the Bridled Terns also present, that's what we felt this strange bird to be.

I don't think an Aleutian could look like this at this time of year, and of course any "juvenile" would now be at least eight or even nine months old.

An interesting and unusual bird, but not the most interesting one we saw today!

Mike Turnbull

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Yes, Owen, either way it can't be a juvenile, I don't think, just a bird with a plumage/moult irregularity.

Further to what I said before, of course the underwing pattern, and as I recall the tail patterning etc etc were just like Bridled - it was the cap and the upper mantle which seemed bleached out.