Lung Fu Shan 2009 Autumn

Lung Fu Shan 2009 Autumn

Dollar Bird x3
Blue Magpie >10


好! 多看, 多發現, 多匯報!!



19/9/09 8:45am
Black-winged Cuckoo-shrike

spotted foraging on the way to LFS, near Robert Black tennis court in HKU.


Mountain Tailorbird X 1
22/10 ~11:30a.m.


Just discovered this thread!

To fill in some recent records:

23/10/09 1500-1700

(Lung Fu Shan)
1 Greenish Warbler
1 Dusky Warbler
1 Red-throated Flycatcher
1 Chestnut Bunting
1 Amur Falcon

2/11/09 1500-1700

3 Little Bunting
5 Chestnut Bunting
2 Little Bunting
1 Oriental Honey Buzzard


Great find, Koel!  Honey buzzard...long to see this bird!
Manson Tsang


Good morning in LFS:

Black-naped Monarch  x1
Japanese Bush Warbler  x1
Buff-bellied Flowerpecker  x1

all were seen along the stream near Hutton Road.
so fortunate to see such birds even in the deafening noise from the machines in the nearby construction sites.


good record Ray!

not much birds these days around the LFS centre due to the noise from the construction site!
the peak here is in the evening, around 5pm. I saw more than 30 silver-eared mesia yesterday!


an addition:

after checking the book, i suspect i saw a Greenish Warbler as well.

it was relatively large and its legs were dark, not as pale as yellow-browed's.
it flied between branches and twigs not high above the stony stream.
these match quite well with the description in the bird book.
in addition, i didn't hear it called.

if this is true, i had 4 ticks in around an hour just beside the construction sites!


and yes, i did see swamps of silver-eared mesia today! presumably in a bird wave with the black-naped monarch.



5/11/09 1400-1700

1 Japanese Sparrowhawk
1 Little Bunting
1 Asian Stubtail


18/11 morning Lung Fu Shan

Mugimaki Flycatcher (Female)
Fufous-tailed Robin


23/11 830-1000  sunny

dusky warbler >2
blackbird (likely a female)
olive-backed pipit
mugimaki flycatcher F
yellow-browed warbler

+an interesting bunting
(please help me identify it):

it's not a small bunting, with tail quite long relative to its body. the tail is white on the sides.
it does have a median crown stripe, yet not very distinct from the lateral crown stripes.
longitudinal stripes on chest are obvious. background color of chest is close to white.
there are 3 very very distinct black stripes running from the neck to the rump on the back.
the butt was a bit rusted.

it was seen foraging on a trail with boulders and short vegetation beside. the trail was near a stony stream and it eventually flied to it and wandered about. it didn't seem to be shy. it stayed <1.5m to me.
watched it for about 15min and it was only seen on tree branch once. most of the time was foraging on ground.

i suspect it is a meadow bunting juvenile.or probably a chestnut-eared bunting juvenile. less probable a tristram's bunting, due to its quite distinct crown stripes as shown in the bird book.

what do you guys think it is? i didn't expect id buntings was this hard....


Just a wild guess, but the most probable bunting I can think of is a juv. or female Black-faced Bunting? No, identifying buntings had never been a simple task.
As The Crow Flies- a Hong Kong Birding Blog


it couldn't have been a  BF bunting i think. the bird i saw was not that dark in color


I found 2 Little bunting in LFS today...don't know is it the same one~
1 Mugimaki (F)


i found it in stream next to fire station.
i considered little bunting as a possibility initially. but it's considerably smaller than the bird i saw. so i would better stick with tristram's and meadow.


a good day in Lung Fu Shan. 26/11/2009

Rufous-tailed Robins >2
Asian Subtail Warblers >3
Chestnut Buntings x2

Mugimaki Flycatcher (female)
Grey-backed Thrush
Japanese Thrush
and a Dark-throated Thrush (male)!

about the Dark-throated thrush, it has a distinctive black throat and relatively clean belly with no black dots on it. Its back is greyish brown in colour like the one found in Pui O.


Bond, such a good news!!!
This news will bring me to go to LFS frequently
Where did you see the thruch? Or can you just tell the approximate place?
Thank You

Today around 5:00p.m., LFS is so quiet..
But there is about 30 black-throated laughingthrush in the cluster of bamboos around the crotched road (LFS - the peak).
Also, near the fire station, there are two warblers and probably they are arctic warblers because of the large(long) size and one pale wing bar...but I am not so sure as the colour is not well seen due to the sunset

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Please note that there is a construction site nearby.
Not many birds present in the working hour!
Most birds are seen in the early morning and lunch time.

Yes Chun, Lung Fu Shan is still a good bird watching place even there are lots of construction noise...


Birding time 觀鳥時間: 0730-0915, 28Nov09

Sunny, 20-24C

067 Black Kite 黑鳶 (麻鷹)
257 Grey Wagtail 灰鶺鴒  x1
270 Red-whiskered Bulbul 紅耳鵯
271 Chinese Bulbul 白頭鵯
302 Japanese Thrush 烏灰鶇  x4+ (M and F)
305 Grey-backed Thrush 灰背鶇  x2+
306 Pale Thrush 白腹鶇  x1

323 Asian Stubtail Warbler 鱗頭樹鶯  x1
354 Yellow-browed Warbler 黃眉柳鶯
397 Japanese White-eye 暗綠繡眼鳥
442 Blue Magpie 紅嘴藍鵲  x2

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Manson Tsang


Lung Fu Shan:
Black-winged Cuckoo-shrike
Verditer flycatcher
Rufous-tailed Robin
Asian Subtail Warbler
Japanese Thrush

HKU campus:
Scaly Thrush

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Is it crash the glasses of KBSB?


exam period => birding period!

8/12 1200 to 1300   cloudy
a good bird noon after the exam around the LFS education centre

grey-backed thrush
brown-breasted thrush
pale thrush
yellow-browed warbler (a lot!)
chestnut bulbul (don't see them in summer in LFS)
Asian Stubtail Warbler
Grey Wagtail
Blue Magpie

for the brown-breasted and pale thrushes, i'm not very sure about their identity.
but the suspected brown-breasted i saw had a large patch of orange (color more intense than grey-backed's) on the sides of the belly(didn't see the breast clearly).

and is the lack of eye-catching details a feature for pale thrush? i saw a somehow featureless thrush for a no. of times in LFS and guess it might have been a pale thrush.

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