Cormorant feeding in Gei wai #3 在基圍#3給鸕鶿餵飼雜魚 2010/11

Cormorant feeding in Gei wai #3 在基圍#3給鸕鶿餵飼雜魚 2010/11

Cormorant feeding in Gei wai #3

Over the coming winter months, trash fish - mainly 3 to 6 inch Tilapia - will be stocked on a bi-weekly basis into Gei wai #3 at Mai Po Nature Reserve for feeding Cormorants. This is part of a larger Government programme to reduce Cormorant predation on commercial fish in the fishponds around Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay.
From 12th November 2010 until late-Febreary 2011 (exception being the Chinese New Year period: 1st to 14th February 2011 and if temperatures fall below 10 degrees Celsius), fish farmers will deliver fish (1,300 catties per truck), every Tuesday and Friday for stocking into Gei wai #3. The feeding commences at 08:00 and lasts for about 20 minutes, however birds will remain in the gei wai for much longer afterwards. The small bird-watching hide/hut by the road can allow for close up views.
If you require any further information please telephone the WWF Mai Po Office on 2471-6212 and ask for Roger Lee.


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