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Hong Kong Birding Sites


When the place Hong Kong is mentioned, people (locals and tourists alike) would immediately recall the images of bustling streets and high-rise buildings of different varieties in their minds. Nevertheless, Hong Kong indeed possesses amazingly rich natural resources apart from its everlasting impression as a city. Tiny as Hong Kong is (only around 1,000km2), around 500 bird species are recorded, making up one third of that of the mainland. As most of the wild birds here are winter migrants or passage migrants during spring and autumn, the best season for birdwatching commences from September to May of the following year. Every spring and autumn, many birds pass Hong Kong during their migration between Siberia and Australia. They draw birdwatchers from all over the world to observe such spectacular scenes in Mai Po Nature Reserve.


Birdwatching is an activity which can be easily picked up. The usual equipment required include:


1. Binoculars and telescope

Binoculars used for birdwatching are of 7x - 10x normally while the diameter of the object lens ranges from 35mm to 50mm; For the observation of waders and small birds, telescopes of 20x magnification or above is advised.

2. Field guides

Birds of Hong Kong and South China by Clive Viney, Karen Phillips and C.Y. Lam, with the latest 8th edition published in Jun 2005.

3. Note book and pen

To make bird records (Date, time, species and remarks etc.)

4. Others

Enough drinking water, mosquito repellent, food, outdoor clothings in coherence with the environment (e.g. green, blue or brown).


Hong Kong is easily accessible by public transportation, so it is not hard to go to different birdwatching locations. If you are bored with your city life, act now and go birding in the following spots!









Hong Kong Island


Hong Kong Park


Lung Fu Shan


Aberdeen Reservoir


Mount Davis


The Peak









Kowloon Park

New Territories

Tai Po Kau

Nature Reserve


Shing Mun Reservoir


Ho Chung valley


Ng Tung Chai


Tai Mo Shan


Sha Lo Tung


Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve


Tsim Bei Tsui


Starling Inlet

(Luk Keng and Nam Chung)


Kam Tin


Long Valley



Po Toi


Tung Ping Chau


Tap Mun

Hong Kong Park, Tai Po Kau, Nam Sang Wai




Remarks: To know up-to-date news of some rare birds, please call HKBWS Hotline:(852)2465 6690(Cantonese)or(852)2667 4537(English). The Hotline also welcomes birders to provide information and share with others.
















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