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  Crested Bulbul Club Committee  

Crested Bulbul Club is a group under the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society mainly comprises of the elderly.


Aims of the Crested Bulbul Club include promoting birdwatching and bird conservation in the community through organizing regular birdwatching activities and providing other services.


With internal trainings and examination, birders above 50 years old can become their members and join the voluntary works.




Crested Bulbul Club Committee Members


  Chairman   Mr. Choi Chung Pak  
  Vice-chairman (Internal Affairs)   Mr. Wong Chiu Shu  
  Vice-chairman (External Affairs)   Mr. Man Kuen Yat, Bill  
  Secretary   Mr. Cheng Kam Yuen  
  Immediate Past Chairman   Mr. Leung Kwok Wah  
  Committee Members   Mr. Yip Tai Wai (Chief Editor)  
      Mr. Chen Chi Pao  

Mr. Tang Wing Sing

      Mr. Leung Ho Chi  
  Team Leader   Mr. Man Kuen Yat, Bill  

Mr. Choi Chung Pak


Mr. Cheng Yiu Wan


Mr. Wong Chiu Shu 


Ms. Ng Yan Ngar 

      Ms. Wong Shui Chi  
  Editorial Board   Mr. Yip Tai Wai  

Mr. CK Chan 

  Reporters of bulletin   Ms. Leung Kit Ching  

Mr. Lau Shing Kwan

      Mr. Chow Hung Fai  
  Concern Group   Mr. Leung Kwok Wa  

Mr. Suen Leong

      Mr. Tsang Wah  


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