[Hong Kong] 担竿洲路魚塘塘壆倒塌事件 Collapse of fishpond bund at Tam Kon Chau

担竿洲路魚塘塘壆倒塌事件 Collapse of fishpond bund at Tam Kon Chau






The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (HKBWS) is concerned about the damage to fishpond and reedbed at Tam Kon Chau Road caused by the construction works of the Guangzhou - Shenzhen - Hong Kong Express Rail Link (XRL).  

The affected fishpond is under our “Hong Kong Got Fishpond – Eco-fishpond Management Agreement Scheme”, which is an approved Nature Conservation Management Agreement Project aiming to enhance the conservation value of commercial fishponds, especially for avifauna, through the partnership with local fish farmers.  Regular bird surveys were conducted in the Tam Kon Chau area and species of conservation concern were recorded, including the globally Endangered Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor) and the globally Critically Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper (Eurynorhynchus pygmeus).  

The HKBWS has been monitoring the area and we noticed the situation of the affected fishpond is worsening. From the emerging of air bubbles in the fishpond, to the overflowing of mud from a borehole created by the previous ground investigation work of XRL at the pond bund, then to the collapse of the affected fishpond bund. These incidents have already cause adverse ecological impacts on the fishpond and the nearby reedbed, which are of high ecological value.  

The HKBWS contacted the MTR Corporation Limited (MTR) to express our concerns. Immediate actions were taken by the MTR to control and monitor the problem; however, the real causes of these incidents are yet to be found.  As the drilling works of the XRL has not completed yet, we are concerned these incidents would lead to a greater impact on the wetlands in the area.  

Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the users of Tam Kon Chau Road and safeguard the ecosystem of the internationally important Deep Bay area, the HKBWS would like to urge the MTR to immediately conduct comprehensive assessment in the area and identify the cause of these incidents before resuming the construction work of the XRL.

Mud overflowing from the borehole and flooded a section of Tam Kon Chau Road (photograph taken on 7 August)

Air bubbles emerging in the fishpond, stirring up the mud that spilt into the pond (photograph taken on 7 August)

Muddy water flowed into a stream with reed (photograph taken on 7 August)

Air bubbles emerging from the cracks on Tam Kon Chau Road (photograph taken on 7 August)

The contractors are trying to stop the mud overflow by sealing the hole (photograph taken on 7 August)

The hole which was overflowing with mud was sealed with concrete and sandbag (photograph taken on 8 August)

The collapse of the fishpond bund (photograph taken on 10 August)
香港觀鳥會 HKBWS


MTR already promised to respond to our concerns and explain the incidents in the coming few days.
香港觀鳥會 HKBWS


The gap created by the collapsed fishpond bund is now filled (photograph taken on 13 August)

Air bubbles continue to emerge in the fishpond (photograph taken on 13 August)
香港觀鳥會 HKBWS


Mai Po Access Road bund collapse

Thanks for sharing this - I passed by a couple of times last week and didn't really understand the cause of the problem.

The situation is potentially very dangerous, not just to fishpond ecology but to public safety as well.