[China] Bird killing at Boashan airport, Yunnan 雲南保山機場霧網殺雀長城陣

Bird killing at Boashan airport, Yunnan 雲南保山機場霧網殺雀長城陣

I visited Yunnan in mid Dec and hoped to see some nice birds. Unfortunately, when I just landed at the Baoshan airport, I was shock by the mist net trapping of birds at the airport, probably a preventive measure against bird strike.

The total length of mist nets is about 4.5 km and about 500 trapped birds were counted. So, it is likely that 10,000 birds were trapped (and get killed) at the airport annually.

When I returned to Kunming, I also saw such trapping.

Ironically, Baoshan does promote itself as a paradise of birds. But visitors have to see the brutal way of how they slaughter unwelcome birds at the airport first     

According to information available on the website, all airports in Yunnan are managed by a company called “Yunnan Airport Group Co Ltd”. So, they may use “mist net” trapping to kill birds at all airports in Yunnan.

Alternatively, eco-friendly manual on bird strike prevention is also available ... dlife%20control.pdf

Hope this message can draw attention to this issue


12月中到雲南原本諗住輕輕鬆鬆去睇雀,但飛機一降落保山機場,卻駭然發現大約有500隻死雀掛在包圍機場跑道的霧網長城內(全長約4.5公里) 。架設霧網長城陣的目的,相信是用來防止雀鳥與飛機碰撞。粗略估計,每年可能有超過一萬隻雀鳥死在霧網長城內。看到此情此景,當然對雲南印象大打節扣。



根據網上資料顯示,雲南的機場由” 云南机场集团有限责任公司“營運,相信該公司會在轄下機場使用霧網長城殺雀。所以,保山機場霧網殺雀只是問題的冰山一角。

其實除了使用屠殺雀鳥方法外 (此方法提供腐肉及昆蟲,吸引更多雀鳥到來,可能帶來反效果) ,一些國際機構 (International Bird Strike Committee) 亦有指引,怎樣用生態友善的方法,去驅趕雀鳥。 ... dlife%20control.pdf



Tip of iceberg

Mist net trapping - location (Pink lines)

Promotion of bird appreciation

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Unfortunately, this is likely to be very inefficient and ineffective way of reducing bird strikes. It targets species that are relatively small and thus less of a hazard. Further, if the nets are not cleared frequently, the number of dead and dying birds attracts larger scavengers such as crows, shrikes and certain raptors that are more likely to be a problem. The airport would be better managing the habitat to reduce bird attraction and ascertaining the identity of birds actually struck by aircraft, in order to target those in some way instead.