South Lamma

South Lamma

I visited southern Lamma (south of Sok Kwu Wan) today, which was very 'birdy'.

The highlight was 4 or 5 Yellow-throated Buntings: 2 females at Mo Tat, and 2 males at Tung O (with another bunting that looked to be another Yellow-throated)

Other species included:
Japanese Paradise Flycatcher (latest ever according to the Avifauna)
Grey-headed Flycatcher
Hainan Blue Flycatcher (male)
Mountain Tailorbird
Red-flanked Bluetail x3
Rufous-tailed Robin
Siberian Rubythroat x25 (all heard only)
Common Blackbird x3
Asian Stubtail Warbler x3
Pallas's Leaf Warbler x4
Yellow-browed Warbler x28
Japanese Bush Warbler x5


Thanks very much for your sharing and birding report, John.

I visited Northern Lamma before in May this year.  Maybe the season was different and I was not as skillful as you, the places like Yung Shue Long, Tai Peng and Pak Kok were not so birdy but it's still worth visiting (I also saw Arctic Warblers and a Dollarbird).  I just went hiking long time ago around Mo Tat, Tung O and Lo So Shing.  I think it's time I visit there again!
Manson Tsang


I visited Lamma again on New Year's Eve. Perhaps not quite as much excitement as previously, but good birds included:
Asian Stubtail - 8
Russet Bush Warbler - 1
Brownish-flanked Bush Warbler - 3
Japanese Bush Warbler - 1
Grey-backed Thrush - 4
Japanese Thrush - 1
Unidentified Thrush - 19
Blue Rock Thrush - 2
Rufous-tailed Robin - 2
Red-flanked Bluetail - 1 male
Black-naped Monarch - 4 (2 seen, 2 heard only)
Chestnut Bulbul - 17
Large-billed Crow - a large flock of 35

I started in the south again, and headed up to the north of the island. Most birds were again in the south (probably due to the time of day)


I went to S Lamma on the 11:00am ferry after missing the boat to Po Toi and walked from Mo Tat to Shum Wan, catching the 5:20 ferry back to Aberdeen:

Crested Goshawk : 3

Hoopoe - 1 Shum Wan and Tung O

Richard's Pipit - 1

Siberian Stonechat - 1 Tung O
Red-tailed Robin - 1 singing (near Yung Shue Ha)
White's Thrush - 1 (and possibly another) Mo Tat ( contour path behind restaurant)
Thrush sp. 6

Yellow-browed Warbler - 5

Asian Brown Flycatcher - 1 Tung O
Ferruginous Flycatcher - 1 - path just outside Mo Tat Old Village
Narcissus Flycatcher (m) - 1 - near abandoned school between Tung O and Mo Tat

Black-faced Bunting - 5
Tristram's Bunting - 1 Yung Shue Ha
Little Bunting - 1 Shum Wan


Mike K
Mike KilburnVice Chairman, HKBWSChairman, Conservation Committee


Mike, I'm glad you managed to pick up a few migrants. Perhaps not as many as are usually seen on Po Toi, but it is does seem that this part of Lamma regularly attracts birds.
Your list is quite different from the species I recorded in the same area on 3rd April(which I forgot to post). There were less migrants that day but included;

Eurasian Skylark (between Yung Shue Ha and Tung O)
Narcissus Flycatcher (Male at Tung O)
Kentish Plover (Yung Shue Ha) - not White-faced as I initially hoped!
Yellow-browed Warbler x10
Pallas's Leaf Warbler
Grey-backed Thrush x4
Blue Rock Thrush