Tung Ping Chau

Tung Ping Chau

On a trip to Tung Ping Chau on 27th December (2009), a good mix of winter visitors, including:
Grey-backed Thrush - 14
Japanese Thrush - 1
Pale Thrush - 1
Siberian Thrush - possible male seen too briefly for definite ID
Common Blackbird - 2
Unidentified Thrushes - 33
Red-flanked Bluetail - 5
Black-naped Monarch - 1
Pallas's Leaf Warbler - 14
Brownish-flanked Bush Warbler - 10
Russet Bush Warbler - 2

Highlight for me was watching the roosting flock of Black Kites building up in the evening; I counted 155 at one point. A common species I know, but seeing them circling over the island was a real spectacle.


John's three Xmas trips show that Brownish-flanked and to a lesser extent Russet Bush Warblers are now widespread in winter.

Is this a recent development or have these birds been overlooked before?


Both species are fairly common, mostly in the eastern New Territories and some of the offshore islands (where the habitat is more suitable).

I suspect that there was an element of the species being overlooked in the past, when observers were not familiar with the calls (as I expect you've noticed, the birds are usually very difficult to see and are mostly recorded by call). There may also have been a real increase in HK, as boh species started breeding here relatively recently and it seems unlikely the distinctive and obvious songs have been overlooked.


Today on Dong Ping Chau and from the ferry:

3 Black-tailed Gulls

4,000 Chinese Bulbuls in a huge flock
2 Peregrine (one hunting and scattering the bulbuls)
1 Common Buzzard

6 Barn Swallow
17 Red-tailed Robin - all singing
2 Japanese Thrush
3 Grey-backed Thrush
5 Thrush sp.

and NO Red-necked Phalaropes!

Mike K

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I think 4000 Chinese Bulbuls is also a HK record number (in addition to the 17 Red-tailed Robins mentioned on Birdline).

Previous highest was 2500 in 1997 I think.


25/04/2010 Tung Ping Chau!

NO Red-necked Phalaropes! Disappointed!

But 2 Ruddy Turnstone near ferry pier! Suprise!