Nam Chung 南涌 2009 Spring 春

Nam Chung 南涌 2009 Spring 春

The weather on Valentine's Day in 2009 was not so satisfactory indeed.  But our birding results were quite satisfactory.  We visited 2 places in 1 day.  The first place was Ng Tung Chai and the other was Nam Chung.  Please note that the birding record is posted separately in different topic.
2009年情人節的天氣並不理想, 但看到的雀鳥紀錄令人滿意.  這一天我們到了2個地方.  第一個是梧桐寨, 繼後的則是南涌.  請留意這個觀鳥紀錄會跟不同的主題分開發出.

Birding time 觀鳥時間: 1030-1400
Weather 天氣: 23-26C, overcast with drizzle, 密雲有微雨

002 Little Grebe 小鸊鷉   x1
014 Grey Heron 蒼鷺   abundant
016 Great Egret 大白鷺   abundant
018 Little Egret 小白鷺   abundant
022 Chinese Pond Heron 池鷺   few
024 Black-crowned Night Heron 夜鷺   a flock ~20
047 Common Teal 綠翅鴨   x15+
063 Osprey 鶚(魚鷹)   x1 (claws holding a fish)
067 Black Kite 黑鳶 (麻鷹)   x2
078 Besra 松雀鷹   x1
094 Water Rail 普通秧雞   x1
099 Ruddy-breasted Crake 紅胸田雞   x1
101 White-breasted Waterhen 白胸苦惡鳥   x 5
103 Common Moorhen 黑水雞   x15+
133 Green Sandpiper 白腰草鷸   few
136 Common Sandpiper 磯鷸   few
144 Common Snipe 扇尾沙錐   x1
192 Oriental Turtle Dove 山斑鳩   x1
194 Spotted Dove 珠頸斑鳩   abundant
208 Common Koel 噪鵑   x1 male (heard)
209 Greater Coucal 褐翅鴉鵑   (heard)
228 Pied Kingfisher 斑魚狗   x1
230 White-throated Kingfisher 白胸翡翠   x1
251 Barn Swallow 家燕   x5
258 White Wagtail 白鶺鴒   few
270 Red-whiskered Bulbul 紅耳鵯   abundant
271 Chinese Bulbul 白頭鵯   abundant
279 Long-tailed Shrike 棕背伯勞   x1
287 Oriental Magpie Robin 鵲鴝   x1
292 Common Stonechat 黑喉石(即鳥)   x1 male
345 Yellow-bellied Prinia 黃腹山鷦鶯(灰頭鷦鶯)   few
346 Plain Prinia 純色山鷦鶯(褐頭鷦鶯)   few
347 Common Tailorbird 長尾縫葉鶯   few
349 Dusky Warbler 褐柳鶯   (heard)
397 Japanese White-eye 暗綠繡眼鳥(相思)   abundant
420 White-rumped Munia 白腰文鳥   x1
436 Crested Myna 八哥   few
448 Collared Crow 白頸鴉   x2

Total no of bird species seen @ Nam Chung 南涌鳥種數目 = 38
Total no of bird species seen in a day 當日鳥種數目總計 = 52

Please refer to for the birding record in Ng Tung Chai in the same day.

Lastly, special thanks to Colin for facilitate our access to these two venues.  We were not able to see so many different species in one day without him!
最後特別鳴謝Colin兄, 令我們可以很順利到達這2個地方觀鳥.  沒有他的幫助, 我們不能在同一天裡看到這麼多鳥種!
Manson Tsang


Refer above, 1 more species added.

116 Little Ringed Plover 金眶鴴   x6+

Revised total no of bird species seen @ Nam Chung 南涌鳥種數目 = 39
Revised total no of bird species seen in a day 當日鳥種數目總計 = 53
Manson Tsang


13 Feb 2009
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