[China] Taiwan: Save the Grey-Faced Buzzards 誰來救救灰面鷲

Taiwan: Save the Grey-Faced Buzzards 誰來救救灰面鷲


關於文中數量的部分, 個人詢問在墾丁地區調查隻人員, 無法證實確切之數量, 因此先行刪除 !!

而首長信箱回覆幾乎都是基層人員代為擬稿, 未避免干擾基層人員業務進行, 請謹慎行之。



里德村中的長輩說過去這三天(2006 10/8-10/10),每天有將近x-x00隻的數量被獵殺,今晚又將重演。這些灰面鷲去頭去爪後以宅急便冷凍運出,令人無從查緝。




據說蘇院長即將來視察滿州鷹況,祈求一人一信,救救國慶鳥,否則牠們很可能在我們這一代滅絕,屆時國家形象又是一大打擊。 ... ;ctNode=99&mp=1




Taiwan: National parks chief declares war on killing of migratory
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Tue Oct 17, 2006 7:52 pm (PST)
Dear all,
"National parks chief declares war on killing of migratory birds"

Taiwan yesterday ordered a crackdown on local bird hunters after at
least 5,000 migratory birds were reportedly slaughtered in a national
park in recent weeks.

Lee Wu-hsiung, head of the Construction and Planning Administration
which oversees six national parks, said Taiwan's image had been
tarnished by the reports which he also described as exaggerated.
"We've demanded more police be deployed in the Kenting National Park"
in southern Taiwan and "anyone found guilty would be punished
severely in accordance with the law," Lee told AFP.

People caught violating the wildlife protection law may face a jail
term of two years or a fine of up to 500,000 Taiwan dollars (15,150
US dollars).

Local newspapers, citing conservationists, said illegal bird hunters
had turned the Kenting national park into a "killing field," where at
least 5,000 gray-faced buzzards had been slaughtered this year.

Another official from the administration estimated only hundreds of
such birds had been killed this year.

Around 25,000 gray-faced buzzards have migrated to the refuge over
the past two months, according to statistics compiled by the
administration. The illegal killing of migratory birds has reduced
since the Kenting park launched a promotional campaign to educate
local residents on wildlife protection more than 20 years ago, Lee

"But there is still room for improvement," he said.

Seventeen people were convicted for violating the wildlife protection
law in the Kenting park in 2005. Five were convicted in the nine
months to September.