[Eagles] Raptor Photos

Raptor Photos

Dear all,

The SPCA (HK) is including an article on Hong Kong raptors in their next members magazine. The magazine is posted to 25,000 members and its aim is to educate, increase awareness and inform.

As a result I am seeking some good raptor pictures for the magazine and as there are so many on here I was hoping that one or two of you may be able to provide some. Unfortunately the SPCA is a animal welfare charity and so it cannot pay, but we can credit you for any that it uses. I have already PM'd some members and had a couple of pictures, but some more would be very much appreciated.

In particular, I am looking for a good one of a black kite, a big eagle like the imperial, and some very pretty small raptors like the chinese goshawk, crested goshawk, black-shouldered kite. WBSE and black vulture would be good too.

IF you can provide any of the above pictures then please email me at or reply to thread.


Rupert Griffiths


Thanks for the responses from those that sent pictures.

No more needed.