[Oversea] DTBIRD system: Bird mortality reduction in wind farms

DTBIRD system: Bird mortality reduction in wind farms

I am representative of DTBird, and I would like to introduce you briefly our new self-working system, developed to detect flying birds in real-time, and to take programmed actions to reduce bird mortality in wind farms.

DTBird has a modular design, with 4 modules available: Detection, Dissuasion, Stop Control and Collision control (click in every module to see demonstrative videos in youtube). Bird detection is based in artificial vision, a technology used in military applications. Linked to real-time detection, DTBird takes direct actions to avoid collision with wind turbine, as warning and dissuasion of birds flying in collision risk areas (adjusted to species and environmental conditions), or wind turbine stop. At the same time, DTBird controls potential collisions.

You will find a brief description of DTBird in the attached file, produced for the “Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts”, Norway 2011. We recommend you to visit our webpage,, where you have a detailed description of the system (including demonstrative videos), and its applications:

- Operating wind farms (onshore and offshore): Bird monitoring, bird mortality reduction by means of direct actions, and collision control.
- Projected sites for wind farm installation (onshore and offshore): Bird monitoring.
- Power lines associated to wind farms: Bird monitoring and collision control.

For scientists, DTBird can be used as a research tool, with an open configuration, to monitor birds in close proximity to wind turbines, and to explore behaviour and response to different environmental situations (wind speed/direction, temperature, hour along day, controlled experimental factors, etc.).

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any additional explanation.

Agustín Riopérez Postigo
C/ Mauricio Legendre, 16, Of. 2711. 28046 Madrid -

DTBird Brochure CWW 2011.pdf (1.03 MB)