Tsim Bei Tsui - Autumn 2011

Tsim Bei Tsui - Autumn 2011

30 Oct 2011

1 Brown Crake--it was on the road around 1740 in the evening on the road to Mong Tsuen 100 meters after turning right off the Tsim Bei Tsui road.  The minibus I was in nearly hit it! The habitat doesn't look too good there just some weddy fields but maybe some wet spots in the field.

Around Laichi Yuen

2 Amur Falcon--on the powerlines around 1700
1 Japanese Sparrowhawk
1 Kestrel
2 Eastern Buzzard
1 Crested Serpent Eagle
2 Manchurian Bush Warbler--thought they sounded like Russet Bush Warbler but photos suggest otherwise
1 Eurasian Skylark
4 Bright-capped Cisticola
3 Black-faced Bunting