[Hong Kong] 請反對沙羅洞環評報告 Please OBJECT to Sha Lo Tung EIA Report

請反對沙羅洞環評報告 Please OBJECT to Sha Lo Tung EIA Report


1. 發展項目的四公頃範圍位於一條季節性的溪流,亦找到多種具保育價值的品種,環評報告的描述並不準確;
2. 擴闊沙羅洞路會破壞兩旁面積約十六公頃的林木,造成不可逆轉的破壞,沿路交通除引起動物被撞死以外,亦影響使用沙羅洞路的行山人仕;
3. 環評報告未有評估將來的生境管理措施會否影響該區一些具保育價值的雀鳥,包括白喉斑秧雞等等;
4. 環評報告未有考慮其他可行方案,例如將發展移離沙羅洞核心地區等等的替代方案,因此並不符合環評條例要求。
5. 請加入個人意見!

意見可以以電郵送往環保署, 截止日期為2012年6月19日 (星期二)

HKBWS urges you to submit an OBJECTION to the approval of the Sha Lo Tung EIA report. Some reasons are stated below. Please use your own words or add your own comments, or the duplicated comments may be treated as "ONE set of comment":

1. The Development Site (4 ha) is located at a seasonal stream with many species of conservation interest, the description of the EIA report is incorrect;
2. The improvement of Sha Lo Tung Road will destroy about 16 ha of woodland, causing roadkill of animals, and affect the hikers using Sha Lo Tung Road;
3. The EIA report has not reviewed the secondary impacts resulted from the future habitat management on bird species of conservation interest, such as Slaty-legged Crake;
4. The report has not considered possible alternatives such as moving the development away from the Sha Lo Tung Valley, and therefore it does not comply with the Ordinance.
5. Please add your own comments!

The deadline is 19 June 2012 (Tuesday). Please send comments by e-mail to EPD at


All of you who love Sha Lo Tung - if you haven't yet sent in an objection to the proposed culumbarium, today is the deadlline for objections.


The Deadline is today

The formal submission of HKBWS is attached here.
HKBWS_Comment_EIA203_SLT.pdf (331.77 KB)