[Hong Kong] SPCA-幫助拯救香港野生動物 Wildlife rescue in Hong Kong

SPCA-幫助拯救香港野生動物 Wildlife rescue in Hong Kong




SPCA-Wildlife rescue in Hong Kong

Over the past 15 years the SPCA has been responsible for rescuing over 1000 wildlife casualties and then delivery of them to KFBG for rehabilitation. Some years have been busier than others, for example 2003 was busy with 117 casualties, and 2006 was particularly quiet with only 45 as shown in Graph 1. Over the years a total of 155 different species were rescued, the most common being our commonest birds of prey: the Black Kite, the Collared Scops Owl. A table that shows all the species and numbers can be seen at the bottom of this page.


I have this thought some years ago that HKBWS can set up a team to rescure birds on streets.  With some training in handling birds, we may get the necessary permit from the government to pass injured birds to Kadoorie, or to put healthy juvenile birds back onto its nest.  I hope HKBWS can follow this up.  Don't worry too much about manpower, everything starts small.  Look at Taipei Wild Bird Society as an example, they got a very good team.

HF Cheung